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Gifts Found in May 2015 - Part 4

Moving on to the final part of Gifts Found in May 2015; check out Part 1,  Part 2 and Part 3.

May 25th
3 Gifts Hard Giving Thanks for

1.  The Gift of Love - Almost 32 years ago, I married - who I thought was - the man of my dreams.

My dreams became nightmares, or at least uncertainty.  Not wanting another divorce or separation, I stuck it out...and in a little over two months, we will celebrate 32 years of marriage.

Hard giving thanks for?  Some days, I find it hard to remember why I even fell for him!

Loneliness?  Financial security?  A "father figure" for my kids?

I don't know!  And I don't know if he was "the one" God would have led me to...

or did He lead me to him, even though I wasn't acting like a responsible Christian woman.  I'm not sure - but He is using me in this relationship, as a (now) caregiver...and this may be the reason we are together.

It is not all about me being a caregiver because he is also a help to me - and for that, I should be thankful; but it is hard.

Oh, God, it is hard because ... well, I am frustrated and so tired of how he is with me!  OK...this is not where I let all my thoughts out!  It is supposed to be about GIFTS!!

Thank you, God, for a person who drives me crazy, but helps in so many ways!
25th Anniversary Cruise
November 2008
at Bandito's Lobster House
Costa Maya, the Bahamas

2.  The Gift of Life - Though is has been almost 17 years, I still remember September 16, 1998 - the day I was attacked while working at the church.

Each year that goes by, the memory fades a little more...

Yet, it is still very vivid in my mind.

Eventually, I did forgive the attacker, who is in prison serving multiple life sentences for a number of crimes.

Forgive him, yes!  Otherwise I'd continue being his victim.  Forget, no!  The memory will continue each subsequent year, fading a bit each year; yet, never completely fading ...

but, be grateful for the incident?

No...that is hard ... but, I can be thankful for many things surrounding the incident:  for the many who prayed for me; visited me; brought food, cards, gifts, money; who helped us in so many ways; for the church who supported me in "recovery"; stayed with me so I could continue to work and feel safe ... 

So much to be thankful for; like my life!

God was not ready to bring me home; and I am thankful for that - and for me, this is hard to do ... to give thanks for what happened to me was hard; but now, as I look back on it?  Yes, I am thankful! 

3.  The Gift of Loss - Give thanks for a loss?  Consider loss a GIFT from God?

At the time of a loss, we probably would not think of it as a gift; and would find it hard giving thanks for - "Thank you, God, for the loss of ..."

Not easy for sure!

but, looking back on the loss of my job a few years ago, and where I am now ...

I'd have to say, "Thank you, God!  You know where I needed to be for the plans you have for my life!"

May 26th
A Gift Worn, White, Whispered

The Gift of Sharing Time - Friends sharing a card class together, whispering in between our instructions; sharing our craft, our lives, our time!

Whispered thoughts as we sit side by side like two kids playing paper dolls - because we were!

May 27th
3 Gifts Found in Church

1.  The Gift of Music - So much is felt in music...love, joy, happiness, sorrow, death;

And music, no matter how you feel, touches the heart.  Music speaks to me sometimes more than anything else.

2.  The Gift of Community - The Church, itself, is a community; and within that communnity are many smaller communities -

The choir, Sunday school classes, youth, women's and men's groups;

Even a Sunday "lunch bunch" proved community.

3.  The Gift of Sanctuary -  The Church building has a sanctuary - a larg beautiful "room" full of high ceilings, chandeliers, stained glass windows, a piano and an organ, pews for attendees, a choir loft, a pulpit...

All this and more make up the sanctuary.

But ...

"Lord, prepare me,
to be a Sanctuary ..."

What am I ... "to be a Sanctuary"?  A Sanctuary can be a place of refuge - of safey.

As Herman Hesse says:

"Lord, prepare me,
to be a Sanctuary,
pure and holy,
tried and true.
With thanksgiving,
I'll be a living,
Sanctuary, for you."

Yes, Lord!  Thank you, Lord!  May it be so!!

May 28th
3 Gifts in Today's Work

1.  The Gift of Nourishment - Not really much "work" to be done when you are retired.  And, there only being two of us at home, I don't cook every night!  I am an OK cook; but it isn't my fave thing to do!

Tonight, I cooked a Cheesy Egg Shell Pasta - Hamburger Helper - and toasted bread.  Maybe not the most nourishing; but we ate 'til full.

2.  The Gift of Wandering Thoughts - There are times I want to empty my thoughts and be open to hear God's voice.

Other times I just want to let my thoughts wander here and there...

Washing dishes - by hand - is what I call a "mindless job", and it's a great time to just let my thought go...

3.  The Gift of Cleanliness - Now, I would not call myself a great housekeeper; not even a good one...doing laundry is another one of those "mindless jobs" that allows my thoughts to wander.  It is also one that I can start, do other things, then complete.

God wants us to live a clean life; to have a "clean heart"; to BE CLEAN in our thoughts.  Lord, help me to BE CLEAN!

May 29th
A Gift at 8 am, 12 pm, 8 pm

8 am - The Gift of Rest - With my head pounding, my ear aching, and a scratchy throat, I turned over - not sure what time it was - and fell back asleep 'til around 8:30 am.  The rest I needed came easily!

12 pm - The Gift of Friendship - How fund to look forward to an afternoon and evening crafting with friends.  The gift of friendships is one I am truly grateful for - 

8 pm - The Gift of Surprise Visits - A visit from Cathy, Justin and Bash - unexpectedly while I was scrapbooking - always a welcome event, and always sure to put a smile on my face ... no matter how tired I am!

May 30th
3 Gifts Blue

1.  The Gift of Connection - When I first turn on my computer, I see a blue "welcome" screen; then it brightens to a colorful desktop background.  The welcome invites me in to places where I will connect with my online friends!

This is my Desktop Photo!
Art work by 
Candy Waters Autism Artist

2.  The Gift of God's Masterpieces - Looking up today, I see the beautiful blue sky, a few grey clouds and more white clouds.  The sky helps me focus on the handiwork of God...and I am in awe.

3.  The Gift of Prayer - A hand-made blue prayer shawl was given to me by a friend during a rough time; and it also comes in handy when I get a bit chilly in the evenings.  I also have a purple one on my chair whre I do my morning devotions.
May 31st
3 Gifts You Gave Today

1.  The Gift of a Tip - Is leaving a tip for my hair cut part of the payment, or is it a gift given?

With the coupon I had, it was only $10.99, so I left $5.01 for the tip (I actually meant to leave a $4.01 tip, rounding it off to $15, since I usually leave a $5.00 tip).

With our vacation coming up, I was trying to watch what I spent...well, I guess it will work out!

So, I guess I gave an extra $1 gift today?!

2.  The Gift of Voice - I am questioning my gifts again!  Today, I "lent my voice" to the Choir...

Actually, I use to sing with our church choir, until I was having so much coughing and bronchial issues;

Now, I sit in the congregation and mouth the words to the songs the choir sing...

Today, I sang with them for the first time in quite a long time because someone asked me to, and I knew the song they were singing.

Is this a "gift I gave"?  I think it was!

3.  The Gift of Praying for Others - As I was walking to my car after Church, I saw a familiar face - a friend who is battling cancer; currently under-going treatments.

His Facebook posts are so uplifting and he is showing such a positive attitude with the news he received just a few short months' ago.

I gave him a big hug, and he squeezed a hug back...no words; just a silent assurance of continued prayers lifted for him, and a thank you for his inspiring words and thoughts.

May has come to an end!  Continuing into the month of June 2015!  


  1. Beautiful post, Barbara.....you are so brave (May 25th entry)....Helen xxx

  2. Thank you, Helen!...(Boy! I just read back over that May 25th entry; I sure didn't do a very good job proof-reading!!!...I need to edit!!).

    Appreciate your reading and commenting!


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