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Simple Woman's Daybook - June 8, 2015

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Here I am again...linking up with Peggy for "The Simple Woman's Daybook" this week!  So glad to be joining this great community of bloggers!

So, here goes: 

For Today:
June 8, 2015

Outside My Window
The sun is shining; no breeze...
probably already in the 80's
for this Florida summer!

I am Thinking
I am sooooo tired
of this cough and congestion!

I am Thankful

That I don't feel as bad
as I did a few days ago...

I am Wearing
A purple night shirt
with a fairy on the front;
a pair of light blue
stretch pants...
most of my clothes
are dirty from vacation!

I am Creating

Nothing at the moment...
Well, I have been creating
while on vacation!

I am Going
To the Doctor tomorrow
and hope to begin feeling better

I am Wondering

Why do I always get sick?
Why am I back from vacation
and sound so irritable and frustrated
to my hubby who stayed home
with the cat?

I am Reading
Haven't been doing much reading;
on vacation we were constantly 
on the go,  having fun!!

I am Hoping

That I feel better SOON!
{That is the "theme" of
this week's post!}

I am Looking Forward to

Seeing my other grandchildren
this week...
today, for sure!

I am Learning to

Be patient?!
{Not very well;
at least not this morning}

In My Kitchen

Dirty dishes;
breakfast awaits...
once I fix it!

Around the House
My stuff is scattered
Need to unpack,
do laundry,
put things away...
oh, my!
Welcome Home!

I am Pondering
God's word
for the

A Favorite Quote for Today

One of my Fave Things
Spending time with my
"kids" and grandkids!

Here are a few photos
from our vacation:

With my two grandsons
at LegoLand
Orlando, FL

My daughter, son-in-law
and the two boys
at the Ferris Wheel
Orlando, FL

Me at the Ferris Wheel
{we did not go on it!!}

The boys "inside" a display
at Sea Life
Orlando, FL

Jammin' at Wonder Works
Orlando, FL

A Peek into one of My Days
We spent last Saturday,
at LegoLand
Orlando, Florida

From the Board Room
This was shared on Facebook
by a friend of mine, Karl:

"We do not know how long we've got here. We don't know when fate will intervene. We cannot discern God's plan. What we do know is that with every minute that we've got, we can live our lives in a way that takes nothing for granted. We can love deeply. We can help people who need help. We can teach our children what matters. We can pass on empathy and compassion and selflessness. We can teach them to have broad shoulders."
Wise words, eh?
This is a portion of the eulogy spoken at Beau Biden's funeral.  Biden, 46, a veteran of the Iraq war and public servant, was eulogized by President Obama.  No matter what your political leanings are, these truly are words that all of us, men and women, can put into practice with those we interact with.

So, another Monday has come; another Simple Woman's Daybook has been posted...

Hope everyone has a blessed week!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    1. Thank you, Paula...as soon as we get to the doctor this afternoon, and I know WHAT it is (allergies? sinus infection-probably; bronchitas-possibly?!), I am sure I'll start feeling better. Resting doesn't really help because I start coughing when I lie down...

      Appreciate your reading!

  2. Y'all gave me multiple smiles. Feel better soon, my friend!

    1. So glad I could give you multiple smiles!! I am sure once I get to the doctor and get whatever meds, I'll begin to feel better. The worse is the coughing, which makes sleeping (lying down) very hard!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you, Jodi! I'm sure I will begin to feel better soon...

      Thanks for reading!


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