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Simple Woman's Daybook - June 29, 2015

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For Today:
June 29, 2015

Outside My Window

It is looking a bit over-cast;
will be have an early rain shower?

I am Hearing

The TV on a Food Network show;
I'll take a break in a while
and catch up on a show
while I eat lunch!

I am Thinking

About the book I just finished reading...
"Through Gates of Splendor"

I am Thankful

For those who are called by God
to bring His Word
to those who have never heard it!

I am Wearing

Gray shorts and a blue/white top
and as always,
my crocs...
they are just so comfy
to wear around the house!

I am Creating

Hand-made cards
using Prima Dolls
"Party Girl"
stamp set.
(Will post photo when finished)

I am Going

To stay home again today!
Not really "sick";
but just feeling the need
to "chill" at home!

I am Wondering

I am wondering
I am wondering about!

I am Reading

"Through Gates of Splendor"
by Elisabeth Elliot
who passed away June 15th.
What an amazing woman!

I am Hoping

For a calm, relaxing week!

I am Looking Forward to

Hanging out with my daughters
and grandchildren
at the pool on Wednesday!

I am Learning to

Look to the Light of the World
to know the right path.

In My Kitchen

Dishes to be washed;
dinner thawing on the counter.

Around the House

Laundry to be done;
it's that time of the week!

I am Pondering

Was it selfish of me
to stay home from Church;
to have a "me time"
while nobody was home?!

A Favorite Quote for Today

Since I am still reading
"Through Gates of Splendor",
I will share a quote from
Elisabeth Elliot,
who recently passed away:

"Experience has taught me that
the Shepherd is far more willing
to show His sheep the path
than the sheep are to follow.
He is endlessly merciful,
patient, tender, and loving.
If we, His stupid and wayward sheep,
really want to be led,
we will without fail be led.
Of that I am sure."

Found on Pinterest

I will be sharing more of her quotes
in future posts;
just haven't figured out
what I want to write!

One of My Fave Things

My pink flowered chair;
I use it to do my morning devotions,
and to read in the evenings.

But, I think someone else
has claimed it as her bed!

Photo by BJLondon

So, this ends my Simple Woman's Daybook for June 29th!


  1. I love those Daybook shares...so fun! I just re-read The Path to Loneliness for the second time...love Elliot. My favorite female writer.

    1. I also love Elisabeth Elliot quotes that I browsed last night; some also have shown up in my devotion book I'm using this year. I want to go find more of her books; I've only read the one.

      Thanks for reading and writing...

  2. Visiting from Together we Blog.

    I love your blog post!

    1. Thank you, Lil! I need to get busy reading the posts from Together we Blog!! I've been busy doing a few other things today...

      Appreciate your reading and commenting!

  3. I love that Elizabeth Elliot quote, such a great piece to remember!


    1. Thanks Farin! I jotted down a few quotes from the book; then browsed Pinterest last night looking for a few more, and some with the images.

      Thanks for reading and commenting; I'll get busy soon reading some of the other posts from Together we Blog!!

  4. Visiting from The Daybook....loved the quotes you shared! That book sounds interesting. Hope you are feeling better soon

    1. Thanks, Paula! Just feeling a bit worn out, I think! Too many things in one week maybe?! This week will be lighter!!

      The book is really good - true story! Thanks for reading and commenting...I will be catching up on some reading the next few days!

  5. Sometime you need some "me time"!

    1. Yes, Jodi! Thank you!! I definitely DID need it...and I haven't left the apartment in TWO DAYS...today, I am going out to pick up grandson's b'day gift and a few groceries. Nothing much; but needed.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Barbara, thank you for sharing the quote from Elisabeth Elliot, what a great reminder! Also, cute seat warmer, but it does look like seat is taken.

    3. Christine, thanks for reading and commenting! Yes, I love the Elisabeth Elliot book I just re-read; and the quotes from the book and others I have found...guess maybe I do need to find another seat warmer!!

  6. I've gotta try this Daybook thing. How was the book? I am such an admirer of Elisabeth Elliot. Your day sounds lovely but I think you better find a new favorite chair. Doesn't look like you're getting that one back!

    1. I enjoy the Daybook posts! I took a break for a while and only posted it every other week - my posts were sounding so "similar" every week!! The Elisabeth Elliot book was really good; I read it years ago (2004) when I bought it at Wheaton. We had gone up for my daughter's graduation, and heard her speak during one of the programs (actually, it could have been 2000 when we took her to college; I haven't look through my stuff to verify which year!!). It was a very good book and I just re-read it!

      Yes, some mornings I have to sit on the stool in front of the chair to do my Bible reading and devotions...you know, I COULD move the cat, but...

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  7. Barbara, I so enjoyed reading here today. Isn't Elisabeth Elliot an amazing woman? I'm currently reading one of her books as well...Be Still My Soul and I just finished listening to her on the radio on my way home from the weekly shopping. I also like your "I am learning"...and I do like the way you've set up your daybook! You've inspired me to maybe add a bit of something different next week! :)

    1. Yes, Elisabeth Elliot IS an amazing woman!! I have not read any of her other books; but will be checking for them the next time I go to our used book store!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting - appreciate your comment about the way I set up my post. I try different things; but like this way best - so far!! Always looking for more or better ways; in fact, found a few other categories I may add next week!

  8. I love Crocs. I know they aren't fashionable anymore and they're clunky...and mine are OLD...but they're awesome! I usually only wear them around the house, but I forgot to change into my fancier sandals for bible study the other day. Yikes! No one said anything...

    1. My Crocs are also OLD; in fact, they aren't really CROCS!! They are from CVS pharmacy and are LIKE Crocs but not original ones...and yes, they are very comfortable and only worn around the house; but I have also worn them out on occasion!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. I enjoyed visiting your day book. I read "Through Gates of Splendor" many years ago. Elizabeth Elliot was a remarkable woman. No, I don't think it's selfish to stay home from church for some "me" time. Sometimes we just need that. Have a blessed day.

    1. Yes, Melanie! Elisabeth Elliot IS a remarkable woman. I am going to check out other books she has written; several comments above have mentioned them. And thanks for the comment about my "me" time! Guess we do all need that on occasion!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting!

  10. I loved reading your Daybook entry. I learn so much from reading the different posts. I loved the quote by the author of the book. I will love following your thoughts. Blessings and hugs!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, LeAnn!! I have enjoyed the Daybook posts...and love finding quotes to share. Appreciate you following my thoughts and writing...and will continue to read yours and others as well!! We are all connected - and encouraging each other is such a blessing!


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