Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 1, 2015

Linking up with

Linking up with Peggy for "The Simple Woman's Daybook" this week after she (and everyone else!) took a break!  So, here we go again, though a bit later in the day: 

For Today:
June 1, 2015

Outside My Window
The clouds are gray,
we had a few showers;
but that is typical
for summer
in Florida!

I am Thinking

I have a lot to do
to be ready to leave for vacation
on Thursday!
{but I am tired}

I am Thankful

For my grandchildren
and being able to spend time with them.

I am Wearing

Purple/violet capri pants,
a white shirt with a "blingy" butterfly,
my crocs.

I am Creating

Just mailed out my last project:

a Prima Doll
Patriotic Door Hanger.

Next project is

a Prima Doll
Birthday Card
{using the same girl
shown above}

I am Going

to relax the rest of the day;
it's been a busy one!

I am Wondering

Why I continuously
trust a box of hair color!
Cover my gray?
Oh, yes, it did!
I did not want
very dark brown;
almost black!
Oh, well...
maybe next time I'll
do something different -
like let a professional do it!!

I am Reading

Just a few more pages to read
of Sandra Brown's
then I'll start something else...
but not sure what yet!

I am Hoping

it is not too hot
in Orlando, FL
this weekend;
going Thursday thru Sunday
to LegoLand,
a water park;
and no telling where else!
{but not Disney World, or Sea World,
or Universal Studios
until it is cooler!!}

I am Looking Forward to

a vacation with my 
daughter, son-in-law
and two grandsons
{see above!}

I am Learning to

Be still...
and listen for God's voice
amidst all the noise
of the world around me!

In My Kitchen

mac 'n cheese,
not sure what else.
It's what's for dinner!

A Favorite Quote for Today
from Ann Voskamp in
"One Thousand Gifts"

"Well, hello June!

'Whatever you do,
do everything...
*giving thanks*."
{Colossians 3:17}

"God's will is for us to give thanks
*in all things*...
because this is how God knows
we can live through *anything*...

"All research proves

that if you daily count gifts
you will be *25%* happier...
who doesn't want to be
25% happier!?"

That's all for today!  Think I'll skip a few of these so I can get this published - it's after 5 pm and my brain is very tired!

See you all next week!!


  1. What an adorable door hanger!!! Have fun on your vacation!!

    1. Thanks, Jodi! I enjoyed making them - I did 10 for a swap I am in. Now I am working on a summer project and birthday cards!!

  2. Have a great vacation. It's been a few years since I had one.

    1. Oh Tessa! I am planning that this vacation - just a few short days - with my daughter and her family will be great! Sorry to hear that you have not had a vacation in a few years...there are always circumstances that keep us from having one; but sometimes just a few days of down time, even without going away, are the best ever "sta-cations"!

      Since I am retired on disability (yet still able to get around), I have the time to do short day trips and vacations with the family; but I don't always have the $$'s to do many of the things I thought I'd be enjoying in retirement.

      Praying you get to take some time for yourself (and/or your family!!)! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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