Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gifts Found in May 2015 - Part 3

Moving on to Part 3 of Gifts Found in May 2015; check out Part 1 and Part 2!

May 15th
3 Gifts About You

{I think this one is one of the hardest Gifts for me ... to look at myself for the Gifts God has given; and, not necessarily talents ... Yet - }

1.  The Gift of Writing - I love to write ... journaling, blogging, poetry, whatever;

And I feel God has given me the Gift of the Words I share, words that encourage others;

Words that inspire others;

Words that help others know they are not alone in their struggles -

And these others encourage and inspire me!

2.  The Gift of Listening - I consider myself a good listener, most of the time ... hearing others' words of pain, hurt, illness, joy, happiness;

Whatever others need or want to share, I am available to listen!

And, I can "listen" to the hearts of my online friends through their blogs and my comments, as well as on Facebook.

3.  The Gift of Sharing - If I have it, and my friends or family need it ...

I will more than gladly give "it" to them!

May 16th
3 Gifts Found in His Word

1.  The Gift of Psalms - My favorite scriptures come from the Psalms, probably because they are so poetic, songs to our God!

Part of my morning devotions include a book, "A Daily Journey Through Psalms for Women."

We were also challenged at our recent Disciples Women's Ministry meeting to read Psalm 119 - all 176 verses!  This is a challenge I will love doing; and will use it for my other challenge, to "Journal Your Journey with Jesus"...

2.  The Gift of Prayer - God's Word shares many parables, and stories, and miracles;

His Word is a song, a psalm, a prayer; 

And the Lord's Prayer is the most remembered {and used} prayer in the Bible!

3.  The Gift of Promises - God's Word is full of His Promises:

To guide and direct our paths;

to BE with us;

to strengthen and comfort us;

to love and adore;

to clothe and feed ...

He promises to provide all that we need and want - withing reason, of course!

Just ask, and He will answer, just as He has promised He'd do.

May 17th
A Gift in a Box, a Bag, a Book

The Gift of Friendship - The bag sits on my dining room table, ready for the "date"!  A birthday has passed; but the celebration I will have with my friend is yet to be scheduled.

Friendship is a gift!  Sharing time with a friend is a precious gift!

May 18th
3 Gifts Unexpected

1.  The Gift of Time - Though it was nearly 10 pm, and we were all tired and ready for bed, my daughter sat and talked with me for a while after she and her husband came home from their "date night".

2.  The Gift of Cuddles - An unexpected - yet, an expected - gift from my grandchildren...

Hugs and Cuddles before bedtime!  Always expected and welcomed; yet a bit unexpected, as children are quite unpredictable!

3.  The Gift of Help - He always has to have money in his pocket; no matter how much I struggle to keep a handle on our budget, he has to have it!

Yet, he buys things we putting gas in my car the day before payday!  {I actually had enough to go 'til the next day; but he wanted to "help" me.}

Of course, there are times he buys on a whim; like a candy bar (for me) or a coloring book (for a grandchild)...

But, I guess it's all in wanting to "help" - and I need to recognize that as a gift!

May 19th
3 Gifts from Your Childhood

1.  The Gift of Joy - Oh what joy is in the giving of a gift wanted...

One Christmas, my parents asked what I me a choice:  a bike or a pair of skates.  I don't recall which I told them or if I had actually asked for both, but was told I could only have one!

So, when I checked out a very heavy box under the tree, with my name on it, I knew to expect a pair of skates - and I was excited and happy...


After all of the gifts were opened, my parents sent me into the dining room to get a cup of coffee for our guests...

And, there - propped against the wall - was my bike!

Oh what joy!!

2.  The Gift of Adventure - A girl, climbing a in front of my grandparent's house, not too high, with a sturdy spot made just right for a little girl to sit in...

Another tree in our front yard, a bit highter; yet I managed to climb up into its branches -

Higher and higher;

Only to need help getting down!

3.  The Gift of Acceptance - I have always felt that growing up in a military family -

Meaning we lived around, went to school with, played with all "kinds" of people -

Has given me the gift of acceptance of all people.

I could never be described as a prejudiced person; I am open and accepting of ALL, no matter age, sex, racial or sexual preference, whatever!

In my eyes, as in God's eyes, ALL are created equal; 


May 20th
A Gift Sweet, Sour, Salty

The Gift of Taste

Days spent with my family are always "sweet".  Sometimes it becomes a bit "sour" if the boys begin fighting/arguing and not getting along; or can be a bit "salty", with some differences and opinions to "season" the day.

Today, sharing a delicious carrot cake cupcake from a new local shop called "YUM - A Southern Market" with my daughter who knows the owner...

All I can say is:  "YUM!"

May 21st
3 Gifts found in Little People

1.  The Gift of Music - Tonight I enjoyed a piano recital of about 10 children, ages 6 to 13; piano students of my daughter's.  Amazing talent; brings back memories of going to her recitals!

2.  The Gift of Excitement - This same group of students were so excited to be able to share their recital pieces with their families and friends.  What joy to see their excitement!

3.  The Gift of Life - Such a sad loss for the community to lose a precious 4 year old to cancer (and other issues).  He was so full of love and life; and such a joy to see him dance around and share his life.  What a sad day to lose this precious boy.  He will be missed; rest in peace, precious are now in the arms of Jesus.

May 22nd
3 Gifts That Made You Laugh

1.  The Gift of Childish Innocence - A friend posted this little comic moment about her daughter:

Another day where "A" does something that makes me think 'WE ARE IN TROUBLE' ...

She just received a bubble gun from Disney; waws told she couldn't blow bubbles in the house ...

She seemed to have forgotten the rule; and Daddy reminded her.


She walked over to the doggie door, opened it up, leaned out and blew the bubbles outside the doggie door while she held the flap with the other hand!

She is not quite 3 years old!!

2.  The Gift of Cultural Differences - My hubby had an old movie on, "King Ralph" with John Goodman.  I sat down to eat lunch and at first wasn't sure about the move...

I am not a big fan of John Goodman!

Then, the scene where the were showing "King Ralph" - a definite non-British king! - how to play their British game similar to baseball in the USA.

He stood on his mark, went through some preparations, much as a professional baseball play would, and then signaled to the "pitcher" that he was ready...

and swung...hitting a home run ball through the upstairs room!  (The poing was not to hit the ball UP, but more of a bowling hit).

Yes, I laughed so hard at this incident - and others!  It was a hilarious movie!!

3.  The Gift of Laughter - Not really sure what was so funny that we laughed so hard ...

but it's a guarantee that whenever I am with my friends, there will be plenty of laughter!

Tonight was no exception - the laugh out loud, seriously snorting kind of laughter ...

but not quite the next steps of tears and "peeing" pants!

And, while some days I find it hard to find all three of a category; today, I have an extra one that I must share!!

4.  The Gift of a Pet - Early in the morning, I was aware of two things:  My hubby was not in the bed; he was in the living room on the couch; and Midnight (our tuxedo cat) was lying beside me near my knees.

A short time after I was aware of these things, my husband came back into the room and went into the bathroom.  As soon as he opened the bedroom door and headed in, Midnight started inching her way up towards my head and huddled there...

When my husband came out of the bathroom and got in bed, he did not ever know she was lying there!

What a sneaky cat!!  She knows how he feels about her in the bed with us; and she also knows I don't mind!!

May 23rd
3 Gifts Found in Community

1.  The Gift of Prayer - Online communities, church communities, work and school communities; family, friends, acquaintances...

all come together in times of need and lift each other up in prayer.

2.  The Gift of Lifting Up - When I'm down, sad, depressed, upset, I can always depend on someone to lift me up - make me joyful and happy again.

3.  The Gift of Encouragement - And, there are many friends through blogging - writing - that encourage me ... to continue to write; to not give up (the journey with things I cannong change!)

It never fails ... and even reading others' blogs encourage me!

May 24th
A Gift in a Plate, a Pot, a Package

The Gift of Family - A pot, cooking a delicous meal we would soon put on a plate;

and gather around the table as a family ...

this surely is a gift to be cherished!



  1. Oh my goodness, Barbara, there are so many wonderful gifts here to ponder and be glad for. I especially like the photo and the adventure in a tree - I have always been so grateful my Mum bequeathed to me a love of the natural world. Thank-you for the chance to reconnect with that today :).

    1. Glad you were able to econnect with your love of the natural world through this post, Alexa!! They do end up being SOOOOOOO long; and not sure that was the intent in Ann Voskamp's "1000 Gifts"; but I just feel I need - want - to "explain" or write more about the gifts I am discovering. Some days, it is hard to "find" or choose 3; other days, I could go on and on. I just did #3 for yesterday (this morning); and am glad I waited for the morning quiet - and think about my life as a "sanctuary" for God!

      Thanks for reading and glad we have connected; I am due to write more letters!!! My mail box has been missing them!!!


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