Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gifts Found in May 2015 - Part 2

Beginning Part 2 of Gifts Found in May 2015; check out Part 1 here!

May 8th
3 Gifts Inside a Closet

1.  The Gift of Clothing - A look into my closet doesn't provide much of interest; but the fact that I have plenty of clothes for my "retired" lifestyle - a couple of dresses for church or other dressy occasions; jeans, capris, comfortable tops for casual times - 

There are many who have far less than I do...

I am blessed to have so many clothes!

2.  The Gift of Footsteps - I do have several pairs of shoes, and long for a comfortable pair when I have to walk very much; but -

I have shoes!

There are those who have none, yet must walk to get anywhere!

3.  The gift of Warmth - Inside my closet are a number of blankets I pull out in the winter, or to make a pallet in the living room if the grandkids stay overnight.

These blankets provide warmth - and comfort - to all who use them.

There are many who have neither a blanket or the warmth they give.

Thank you, God, for the clothes on my back; the shoes on my feet; and the blankets to give me warmth.  Show me ways I can share what I can with others.

May 9th
3 Gifts Found in the Dark

1.  The Gift of the Night - As I gaze outside, at the beautiful cloudless sky, I see hundreds, thousands, probably more, little twinkling lights - the stars help the moon light up the night.

2.  The Gift of Light - No matter how dark my days (or my nights) may be, God will lead me to the Light.

3.  The Gift of Sight - When I awaken to the darkness of the night, my eyes quickly adjust and I am able to find my way.

Once the light of day begins to filter in, my eyes re-adjust to allow me to continue to rest or to get up to a new day.

May 10th
A Gift Outside, Inside, Upside Down

The Gift of Presents/Presence - Today was Mother's Day, and we gathered at my daughter's house for pizza and to hang out.  We enjoyed the presence of family; and the presents given to the mothers.

Thank you, God, for our mothers - those here and those already with you;

And for the ones who are, themselves, mothers - 

And for the fathers who help honor and celebrate mothers.

May 11th
3 Gifts About Your Parents

My Parents
on their Wedding Day
June 1950

1.  The Gift of Patience - My father loved to put together model airplanes!  After he had a stroke, he lost the use of one of his hands and arm.  But, he figured out ways to brace the pieces and continue to do what he loved.

He was so patient most of the time - as he was in raising us three children!

2.  The Gift of Self-less-ness - Always putting others first, always supportive and understanding...

Always there for me and my brothers, and others!

That was my mother, my best friend!

3.  The Gift of Loyalty - My parents were loyal - to each other; to their family; to their God; to their jobs.  They celebrated 40 years of marriage, just about a month before my dad passed away;

And my mother continued to be loyal 'til the day she died.

They are reunited now in their Heavenly Home - 

forever loyal to each other and to God!

May 12th
3 Gifts Held in Hand Today

1.  The Gift of Enough - My debit card in hand, I pay for our meal, knowing the money is available for this month's breakfast {with husband's high school alumni - c/o 1957!}.

God provides our resources - financial, physical; whatever needs we may have, He provides - and we have what we need and more...

We have enough!

2.  The Gift of Thoughts - As I put pen to paper, the words flow ... words that I feel - I know - have been given by God; words that express my thoughts.

What I think - I feel ... 

what I feel - I share ... 

what I share - I know He has guided by hand to write.

3.  The Gift of Freedom - I hold a set of keys in my hand; keys to our apartment and to my car.  Wherever my heart desires to go, I am only held back by time and money ...

And perhaps the logical idea of where I may want to go!  Yet, I have the freedom to do so if I could or wanted to.

May 13th
3 Gifts Found in Your Mother

1.  The Gift of Respect - As a young person, I saw the respect my parents had for each other;

And I respected them.

I never wanted to do anything that would disappoint them, or cause them to lose their respect for me -

2.  The Gift of Acceptance - Yet, I know my life took many turns my mother may not have completely agreed with;

But she accepted who I was; the direction of my life led me;


3.  The gift of Support - My mother was always there for me, giving me the love and support she always showed ...

To my father, their children -

Thank you, God, for the respect, acceptance, support ...

My mother (and father) showed in their lives.

May 14th
A Gift Picked Up, Put Away, Put Back

The Gift of Shade - A big floppy hat - picked out by a loving daughter to help keep the sun from my face, neck, back ...

Picked up off the stool on Mother's Day; put away once I brought it home -

Only to be picked up and used, then put away, put back!

A thoughtful gift ... an appreciated gift!


  1. Diving back into my list of 1.000 gifts again, and the book that dared me to begin. Fun to see the Spirit moving among so many of us to be collecting more gratitude at this time.

    1. For some reason, some of these prompted gifts have been hard for me this month! Like...today's Gifts Unexpected...I'll get it eventually?!

      Thanks for reading and commenting - and praying for you as you "dive back into your list"!!


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