Thursday, May 28, 2015


It is time for Tuesday @ Ten!  Karen provides us with a word or phrase for us to write about, and a full week to get our posts written and link up with others.  

This week Karen has challenged us to write using the phrase: 


To "Be Still and Know..."

To Stop

and "smell the roses";

to sit quietly -

alone -


To Be Silent

and Listen...

for God's voice.

To Take the time

and "be in the moment"

{whatever that moment may be}

As I sit by the window

in the quiet of a morning,

reading His Word,

and the devotion for the day,

sharing my heart in my journal...

Am I open to Hear?

How do I know

it is His Voice

that I hear?

How do I shut out my thoughts;

my "to do" list;

my needs and requests?

How do I completely shut out


Each word I read

assures me...

Whatever my need may be,

His Word is sure to speak to me.


in the stillness of the morning...

I pray His voice breaks through

all of the "stuff"

that is cluttering my mind.

I pray to Hear

His Voice

in the stillness.

And I know...

it will come!


  1. Oh, Barbara, beautiful post....I wish there was a magic switch! That would be useful!

    1. This is true! Not sure where these words came from; then again...guess I DO!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Tessa! Appreciate your reading and commenting!

  3. So good! I am learning! Great twist on the phrase. We're always learning aren't we? Yay God!

    1. Oh yes...we can never STOP learning! And, yes, Rebekah...YAY GOD!!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Love the way you used the phrase ... love love love ... thank you for sharing

    as you probably already seen my news on FACEBOOK .. be sure to check back on the Tuesday at Ten Facebook page Monday evening.. we just began something new where I am choosing one highlighted writer a week who used the prompt phrase the best ... you will receive a blog award if you get highlighted ..

    as always Barbara, love to connect with you :)

    1. Thank you, Karen! Appreciate your reading and commenting - and, yes, I DID see your news! I think it's a great idea!! Just another way to encourage and keep us writing to the best of our many great posts; not envying you having to choose!!!

      And, I love connecting, too!!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Barbie! Appreciate your reading and commenting!

  6. I really love this poem, Barbara! I can so relate to the internal struggle with focus, my friend. Your words bless. Hope you are enjoying His presence as you journal your journey. He is faithful, even especially when we are not! Grateful for Him...and you!

    1. Yeah, I think maybe I should have called it "What I SHOULD be Learning!"; it seems to be so hard...but I am taking the time to be in the quiet and get the reading and journaling done...just not always as "into the scriptures" as I'd like to be. But, then again, I AM learning!!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting; so glad my words bless!! And so thankful He IS faithful!!


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