Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gifts Found in May 2015 - Part 1

Now that I am actually reading Ann's book, I am trying to keep my writing about the Gifts Found a little shorter!

But, I am still counting!

May 1st
3 Gifts Tasted

1.  The Gift of Food - Ham and Cheese Sandwiches and Chips were provided for our lunch during the retreat; thanks to Janet and the other puppy raisers for a delicious lunch!

2.  The Gift of Fellowship - Food galore for Dinner - soups, pastas, salads, fruit, breads, "smashed" potato bar, hash brown casserole...

And, of course, desserts - cookies, cakes, cup cakes, brownies!

A very delicious "covered dish meal" for our first night at the retreat...

Made and shared by many of those attending;

And just as it is with a "Fellowship Dinner" at church -

So it was with our "bring in dinner"!

3.  The Gift of Friendship - I have tasted of friendship, concern, understanding, love, acceptance - and generosity!

I had the privilege of spending the weekend with an amazing group of women (and men) for a fund-raising event, Puppy Crop 2015.  I have written about the Patriot Service Dogs before and am ecstatic to say we raised over $8,000 for this awesome organization...

Puppy Crop 2015
Theme:  Mardi Paws

{I am standing on the right with a purple/pink mask,
behind the person seated on the end with yellow mask
with the white dog - that is Jerry!}

And I spent two nights with Janet who is raising a golden doodle, Jerry, to eventually become a service dog for a disabled vet.

The trainers and other volunteers worked hard to put this retreat together!  Thanks to all who made it possible, including the attendees!

{I am including this information as an "update" since I told many of you I would let you know how the event turned out!  We are already planning our next one for September, 2015.  The second event of the year is usually not quite as "big" as the first; but we still have FUN and raise more funds for the non-profit Patriot Sevice Dogs.  Check them out at} 

May 2nd
3 Gifts Flat

Three times whatever makes 28 two-page scrapbook layouts!  That is how many amazing pages were made by a group of very "crafty" and talented ladies...and these were definitely flat 12 x 12 layouts of "everything Disney"!

All of the pages were included in an album to be auctioned off at the Puppy Crop, with all proceeds going to the organization.

Prior to auctioning the Disney album, several other two-page layouts and hand-made cards were auctioned off, raising over $400 for Patriots...

And the "album" was split up and each two-page layout auctioned off...the highest bid for a layout was $40!  And, the total for the pages in the album was also over $400 - bringing in an amazing $800+ just for the live auctions!

Needless to say, our friend and co-founder of PSD was over-whelmed!

May 3rd
3 Gifts Found in Difficult People

1.  The Gift Support - My husband is supportive of my spending time with my daughters and grandsons; he is also supportive of my hobby - scrapbooking.  He is my helper when it comes to loading and unloading the car for my all-day crops or weekend retreats.  But, he can be very difficult to deal with; not only is he very hard of hearing, but he has dementia that is only getting worse.  I am learning that my attitude helps things flow much easier!

2.  The Gift of Friendship - I have the gift of being able to get along with almost everyone.  Sometimes I come across somebody who is a bit difficult in some ways; yet, I attempt to be their friend.

Don't get me wrong and think I am some kind of a saint!  I am not!  I have come across those who really irritate me; and sometimes I get a bit short-tempered with them.

But, I try to show friendship, courtesy and respect.

3.  The Gift of Generosity - Some people who may appear outwardly to be "difficult", are very loving, generous persons on the inside!  This generosity was definitely shown at our recent puppy crop...

{and this may be the last post - for now - about the puppy crop!!}

May 4th
3 Gifts Before 9 am

 1.  The Gift of Rest - A good night's rest, and sleeping until almost 9:00 a.m. - a very unusual thing for me; but I was exhausted!

2.  The Gift of Un-Conditional Love - My cat, Midnight, missed me while I was gone; around 4:00 a.m., in the early morning hours after I came home, she was mewing at the door to our bedroom.  I got up and laid down on the couch with her lying on my stomach.  Once she calmed down, I went back to bed.

Midnight wants to "tag along"

3.  The Gift of Quiet - Not only did I get a good night's rest and sleep until almost 9:00 a.m., it was in no TV until I actually got up!  I was still "body tired" but needed to get up.  Not being awakened by the TV was a big blessing.

May 5th
A Gift in a Sign, a Smile, a Snack

After an unusually late night/early morning for my husband, who went to bed at 1:30 a.m.!  When he finally woke around 9:30 a.m., he was in a great mood.  He stuck his head into the craft/computer room where I was at the computer and greeted me with a big smile - almost a childish "I can't believe I did that" kind of grin!  It did make for a good start to what turned out to be a good day!

May 6th
3 Gifts Found in Christ

1.  The Gift of Peace - A time of quiet, calm, peace!  To read and write during a time of reflection, scripture and devotion.

2.  The Gift of Patience - Not that I have found patience; but that God - Jesus - must be awfully patient waiting on me!  I do try being sitting here playing an almost "mindless" game on the computer while my husband sits here talking and questioning and...

I just need to find that perfect time for Bible study, prayer...maybe the secret is what He did - when Jesus went away alone to a quiet place!

3.  The Gift of Dependability - No matter how long it takes for me to reach out, He is always there waiting...

I can always depend on Him - and I should do the same!

May 7th
3 Gifts About Your Home

1.  The Gift of Comfort - Kick off my shoes; put my pj's on; and relax!  It may be a bit LOUD with the TV blaring; hot without the A/C...but, I am comfortable at home!

2.  The Gift of Shelter - When our home was falling down - literally! - flooding and molding, making me sick...we found shelter in our two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment - and it is our home!

3.  The Gift of Safety - No matter what happens around me, I feel safe inside, away from the outside violence - not that we live in a violent place!  But, I am safe, guarded by God!


  1. Reading your list of these wonderful gifts is a blessing to me.
    It reminds me that I'm surrounded with amazing gifts from God and from people around me.
    Thank you for sharing this, Barbara.

    1. Thank you, Romi! I am so glad my gifts that I am finding/learning/sharing are a blessing to you! There ARE so many amazing gifts that God gives us, and many do come from those right around us.

      Appreciate your reading and sharing!


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