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Simple Woman's Daybook - June 15, 2015

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Here I am again...linking up with Peggy for "The Simple Woman's Daybook" this week!  Always happy to join this great community of bloggers!

Getting started a bit late today; it's almost 3:00 p.m.  But, I am here, and here goes: 

For Today:
June 15, 2015

Outside My Window
The sun is shining - very hot!
It is over 90 degrees!
I am staying inside today!

I am Hearing
The TV -
and it's actuall
not driving me crazy~

I am Thinking
I really need want
to work on my craftroom!

I am Thankful
For our awesome
Organist/Choir Director
who has retired
after 26 1/2 years
of Ministry;
she was much more than
an organist and choir director...
she was a minister,
an encourager,
a "mother" to some,
a friend,
an inspirating speaker
and a musician,
among other things!
Thank you, Marilyn!

I am Wearing
Navy blue shorts,
a lighter blue shirt,
crocs on my feet.

I am Creating
A few summer-y
die cuts to send out
for a swap!
Celebrating Summer!

I am Going
Originally planned to watch
my three grandchildren;
my daughter isn't feeling well,
so she put off her lessons
until Wednesday.

I am Wondering

When this coughing will go away!

I am Reading
{how to find calm
amid everyday chaos}
by Jim Brickman

I won this book and the CD
from Light, Love, Hope

Thank you, Shirley!!

I am Hoping

The rest of the week 
is not too hot...
but my hopes will be dashed
if weather reports
are correct.
This will be a very hot week.

I am Looking Forward to
Going to breakfast with the hubby
and his high school classmates on Tuesday;
Seeing the grandchildren on Wednesday;
Maybe a swimming pool outing on Thursday;
Scrapbooking on Friday and/or Saturday!

I am Learning to
Take advantage of the quiet mornings;
and blocking out the not-so-quiet ones!

In My Kitchen

Clean dishes in the dishwasher;
Laundry done except towels in dryer;
Hubby is buying us burgers for dinner...
Just chillin' on this hot day!

Around the House
Getting a few things done;
just the basics!

I am Pondering
The need for a more structured
Bible study and prayer time.

A Favorite Quote for Today
In between reading the above book,
I am also reading
"Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul".
The following quote is from
Catharine Bramkamp,
in the short story
"Why I Keep Writing"...

"I was lucky; someone actually confronted me with the power of my work.  It made me realize that in the end, writing is not about the money.  Money is that bgi event, the grand gesture that while good, doesn't last very long in the heart.  Writing is about memorable phrases, evocative descriptions.  It's about being a link in someone else's understanding of the world.  That morning I learned that writing is about giving a single person, one reader, the right words.
As a writer,
even though it's "just a blog",
I would hope my writing gives
at least one reader 
the right words!

One of my Fave Things

Yellow Roses
and a Card
on Special Occasions!

A Peek into one of My Days

Love sitting at the outdoor chapel
at our church's conference center;
wish it were closer for those days
when I need to get away
and seek His voice
in the silence and nature
of His beautiful world!


  1. Hi Barbara: Heads up . . . the link you left on the daybook page sends readers to your April 28 daybook. I found you anyway, but I thought I would let you jnow. What a pretty outdoor chapel. I would go there too if we had one close. I hope you stay cool in the heat. We haven't been miserable yet here in MN. It will happen eventually. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks for the heads up to the link! I'll go back and check it!! Yes, I LOVE the outdoor chapel; in fact, I love the whole space that our conference center is located in...woodsy and there's a "park" or "zoo" like facility just across the street...and if you're really quiet, sometimes you can hear the monkeys! Whenever I am there for retreast, I always take time to myself either at the outdoor chapel, on the walking trail, or just relaxing at the craft shack or on a picnic table.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Goodnightgram.... I had been meaning to tell you for the last couple of weeks, but kept forgetting.

    Go work on your craft room!!! I love that outdoor chapel!!! Have a great week!

    1. I have actually (almost) cleaned off the table; need to figure out where to put things as I clean it off; so it's taking more time than just to stack it up and put away later!!

      Yes, the outdoor chapel!! Love it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Lovely... I love these posts that give us all a little glimpse into your days! I love yellow roses as well! Praying that cough goes away and stays away!

    1. Thank you Karrilee!! I am praying the cough goes away, too!! But, with chronic bronchitas...well, guess it goes with it!

      Yellow roses were also my grandmother's fave; guess I got it from her!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I'm with you and Karrilee. Yellow roses are my fave too! I just had to throw out a yellow rose that a parishioner had shared with me. It was sadly on its last leg.

    1. These were actually from Mother's Day last year; those were the most recent yellow roses I have received...I don't receive flowers very often. So nice of your parishioner to share with you!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the lightness of this post. Thanks Barb! Sometimes reading is "heavy" - my soul needed light this morning. xo

    1. Glad I could have provided a bit of "light" reading for you!! I enjoy these Simple Woman's Daybook link-ups; it's basically doing what I used to do in my journal - listing out what I am doing or have done! But, it's interesting to figure out what to write, and to read others' posts!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Hoping you have been able to feel soothed and yet refreshed in that heat, Barbara, and that you've had time to do the thinking you want to. As I am late to your post, I am hoping that there is indeed scrapbooking for you today!

    1. Well, let me just say, Alexa...when it is THIS hot around here, I mostly stay home; or at least...stay busy! This HAS been a busy week, with changes here and there...I haven't gotten any of the scrapbooking done yet; and have a project that is to be mailed out to several others next week. But, we are having an all-day themed crop - "We Bee Scrappin' " - on Saturday; and I should be able to get the first part of my project completed, and hopefully cut out the second part!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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