Friday, June 26, 2015

Reflecting on My Father(s)

As much as I know my earthly father loved me...

know my Heavenly Father's love is so much more than I could ever understand!

"Moreover, we had human parents to discipline us, and we respected them."  Hebrews 12:9a (NRSV)

Even though my earthly father has been gone for so long, I remember his quiet teachings.

I thank my Heavenly Father for the love of my earthly father...

As we were planning for my father's funeral in July 1990, my brothers and I wanted to share words of remembrance at the service.  None of us were able to actually speak these words; our minister, Rev. Stephen, read them for us...

My words, as oldest and the only girl:  

"It isn't easy for me to find the right words to say how I feel about my Dad.  He loved Mom for over 40 years, his sweetheart.  He raised his family in a quiet yet firm manner.  He captured the love and respect of all his children.  The calm, courageous acceptance of the ups and downs of his life has helped me through the ups and downs of my life.  He suffered the humility of being crippled with little complaint, with his sweetheart continuously beside him.  He slipped away from us quietly, peacefully, just as he lived his life.  His memory will be my guiding light, my strength, throughout my life.  I love you Poppy."

The Middle Child, a son, wrote:

"On 10 July this world lost a wonderful man - my father and my children's grandfather.  It is hard to express in words what he has meant to me.  I have always looked to him for love, guidance and understanding.  He gve me all that and more.  I pray that I can pass on to my children some of what he gave to me."

"I followed in his footsteps in both my career and my life.  It hasn't been always easy because his shoes are so big to fill.  But, I try everyday to make him proud of me."

"I was given a poem a few years ago that was from a son to his father.  It fits my relationship with my dad, and goes like this":

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{My brother spent some time by phone getting someone to read this to him so he could write it down!}

And he signed his words, "I love you, Dad.  Bill"

And, the words of his youngest child, a son:

"Dad was never very demonstrative with his faith and my prayer for him was that he would be at peace with God.  I received the assurance of his peace while reflecting on my Dad's life."

"Jesus told us a tree is known by its fruit and I began to see the fruit Dad's life exhibited:"

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"Love - Everyone who knew Dad loved him, because he was just so loveable.  His easy-going nature made it easy for people to care about him."

"Patience - One of the greatest gifts Dad gave us was his patience.  He was patient with us, with his doctors and nurses constantly poking and probing; with grandkids being noisy and just being kids.  The only one Dad lacked patience for was himself.  Hundreds of miniature plastic airplanes testify to long hours of patient persistence manipulating tiny parts together with his one good hand."

"Kindness, Goodness and Gentleness were evident in Dad's quiet life.  More than being character traits, though, that was just who he was."

"Longsuffering - I guess only another cancer patient can understand the suffering involved in a battle against a disease that's determined to take away everything you love in life.  But Dad suffered silently and resolutely, determined to fight the battle to the end."

"Faithfulness - Mom and Dad celebrated 40 years of marriage in June (1990).  That's a commitment to faithfulness that is lacking in so many marriages, as evidenced by so many divorces."

"Love, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Longsuffering, Faithfulness..."

"Fruits of God's Spirit.  So God, my Heavenly Father, gave me His assurance that my earthly father had found peace.  My fervent prayer is that all of Dad's family and friends will find that same peace with God."

Some days, it's hard to believe it's been so long since we lost this loving man!  I thank my Heavenly Father for the love He shows this failing child, who just can't seem to "get it right"... and for his unfailing, unconditional love!


  1. Barbara what a wonderful testament to your father. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Tessa!! He WAS a wonderful man...and even though it has been so long, I do still miss him but know he is much better off now!

  2. beautiful

    no kids, hope my dogs think of me that way

    pardon my awkwar typing, very ill

  3. Andrew, so sorry you are very ill...praying for comfort and strength for the journey you are on...appreciate your reading and commenting, even though feeling ill.

    I know your dogs think {love} for you!!


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