Thursday, July 2, 2015

Gifts Found in June 2015 - Part 4

The first three parts of "Gifts Found in June" have already been posted, and can be found here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

The end of June is just around the corner; and I am still on this journey, searching for the that God so generously gives to each of us!!

And, we don't have to go very far to find them!

June 23rd
3 Gifts Found Around a Table

1.  The Gift of Fellowship - How long has it been since we enjoyed a fellowship meal around the table?  Actually, we had a dinner at church a week ago, celebrating the ministry of our organist/choir director.

We shared a meal at my daughter's home on Fathers' Day - though it was in shifts since they had to feed the litle ones before we arrived...and what a mess of cuteness they were!!  Here is the youngest, almost 1 year old:

I called this one
"Spaghetti and Cheese Face"

I also enjoyed fellowship with my scrappin' friends Saturday as we created our projects and ate the goodies we each contributed.

And during my recent mini vacation with my older daughter, we enjoyed meals on the go, in the condo we rented, and at restaurants.

Fellowship around the tables...

Thank you, God, for these opportunities!

2.  The Gift of God's Sacrifice - Each Sunday when we gather to worship, we are invited to share at the Table of the Lord.  God sacrificed His only son - for our sins.  It is an honor to meet Him at the Table each Sunday.

Thank you, God, for your sacrifice...

3.  The Gift of Imagination - Many things happen around a table, that do not involve food!  A craft project with a 4-year old is one...

After eating a snack (OK; so it started with food!!).  He wanted to "re-cycle" the paper cup and napkin...not toss it into a recycle bin or trash; but to "re-cycle" it by making something out of it!

So, I helped him wrap the napkin around the cup, cut a hole in the top, and glue googly eyes, buttons, and fuzzy balls onto it...all his ideas!  And, voila!  It's a "spy glass"!!

Love that boy!  Thank you, God, for his imagination!!

June 24th
A Gift in Water, in Words, in White

The Gift of Rain -  Yes, rain is water!  Rain is wet, and needed to water the plants and grass...

Whether it's a light summer shower, or a torrential rainfall...

Rain is a gift from God!  Even in the Florida summer heat, a forecast of rain is a thankful thing - it sure helps to cool the temperature!

June 25th
3 Gifts Today in Someone Older Than You

1.  The Gift of Excitement - Remember the excitement of a special birthday gift or a Christmas morning with lights twinkling on the tree?

Imagine reliving that moment...over and over and over again!

That's how it feels when your memory fails you!  The news of an exciting event or occasion - is exciting - over and over and over again, as you remember it to a loved one...

2.  The Gift of Knowledge - Being in his 70's means there are 70 years of knowledge, ideas, history; a lifetime of old memories.

And, for one with dementia and a memory loss, those are what he remembers and shares.  Current memories may be lost to him for future recall...

3.  The Gift of Patience - Not that I have patience ... I do try, but...

I feel he must have patience - when it takes 3 or 4 times for him to hear what I say to him; or answer his questions.  At first, I speak in a normal tone; he doesn't hear me!  Then, I slightly raise my voice once...or twice...or even a third time...until he finally hears me!

I don't really know who has more patience!

June 26th
3 Gifts in Fabric

1.  The Gift of Handmade Items - A "surprise" visit from an online friend, stopping by on her way to visit her cousin (whom I know)...she hand-carried a handmade wooden piece, a decoupaged memorial for our patriotic swap; and a few buttons, with crocheted "petals" to make a button.

She delivered right to my door!  It was so awesome to meet her and enjoy a short visit before she had to go.

2.  The Gift of Sharing - Our theme crop last weekend was "We Bee Scrappin' ", and everybody received a hand-made tissue cover a cute "bee" made out of a washcloth; and today, received a late gift of a bag to carry our stuff in...bright yellow with a bee, of course!

Goodies for our
"We Bee Scrappin'"
Theme Crop

3.  The Gift of Hands - We use our hands for so many things; among them is crafting hand-made items - from paper crafts like scrapbook layouts to cards and other items, to scarves and hats and sweaters, even clothing.

My hands create the paper crafts; and I depend on others for the clothing, including scarves and other items.

June 27th
3 Gifts Framed by a Frame

1.  The Gift of Family - A framed family picture from a special occasion - mom's 80th birthday, sits on the corner of my craft table.

Family is very important...

Thank you, God, for family - past, present, and future!

2.  The Gift of Art - A framed painting of a boat at sea hangs in my living room.  It once hung in my parents' home.

The painting was done by my cousin, my mother's sister's oldest daughter - the ones my mother lived with when she was a teenager.

3.  The Gift of Happiness - It took me a while to figure out another gift "framed"... I kept thinking I was in a "yucky" frame of mind; but, what does that even mean?

The dictionary says "frame of mind = temper/mood";

So, I guess my "frame of mind" lately has been fairly good, happy; but still frustrated with "communication" at home.

But, this "framed" quote gives me an insight to how I can find happiness...

Found on Pinterest

Wise words from President Abe!

And, this one needs to be enlarged and hung on the wall; and perhaps I'll do just that!!
Found on Pinterest
Shared by

June 28th
3 Gifts Eaten

1.  The Gift of Traditions - Growing up, it was usually a roast, new potatoes, and carrots ... left cooking in an electric skillet while we went to Church.

In later years, it was more likely at the Dinner/Supper hour...

But, in both cases, we all gathered around the table, together; all of us ... at the same time!

2.  The Gift of Sunday Dinner - I don't cook very often...I'm an "OK" cook; and making a meal for two seems much work!

But, a few times a week, I do cook us a nice meal.  Usually, I eat out after church on Sundays; so I don't cook dinner...

Today, I took a quiet "me time" and stayed home.  I did my usual routine: Bible reading and devotions; read a few blog posts; write my own posts; reflected...

So, I cooked!  We enjoyed bar-b-que pork chops, cheesy scalloped potatoes, and mixed veggies with corn, carrots and asparagas...It was good!

And, later, a bowl of peach/mango/passion fruit sherbet topped it all off!

3.  The Gift of Words - And I can't forget the "food for thought", or the quotes I browsed online -

Elisabeth Elliot share many beautiful words; here is one of her quotes:

June 29th
A Gift Small, Big, Just Right

The Gift of Friendship - Even though I haven't actually met them, many people I call "Friend" are those "met" online.  They encourage, connect, touch me with their words, their lives; their friendship ... and it is a gift small, big, just right - exactly what is needed from each, as they are able to give.

June 30th
3 Gifts You Gave Today

1.  The Gift of Memories - On the way to do an errand today, my husband saw a sign advertising a bar-b-que restaurant.  He commented that he wanted to have some good bbq, "like we had that time in Georgia" (actually it was SC)...

And we had a great conversation about that vacation and how we "found" the restaurant:

Driving through SC and NC, slowly making our way back to GA, then home to FL, we had just finished eating yet another sandwich from the supplies we had brought for our meals.  I was getting tired of snacking and wanted a real meal.  So, that day I told my husband, "Wherever we are at 5:00 pm today, we are going to stop for a good sit-down dinner!

We continued driving, and at one poing had to slow down for a car in front of us, making a left-hand turn.  I looked left at the same time I glanced at my watch - it was 5:00 pm!!  And to the left, where the other car was headed, was Sadlers Creek BBQ!!  I turned our car into the parking lot behind the other car...

Note the sign says,
"Saturday Only!"

What an awesome place!

It was the best BBQ I'd ever eaten; and my husband agreed - and there was so much food, we had to take to-go containers to the hotel with us that night!

Yes!  Memories!!  I am ready to make more memories!

2.  The Gift of Kind Words - Whenever I am in public, I put on a friendly face and smile at everyone I can {not that I don't at home!!}  If the situation allows, I'll speak a kind word or two:  your shirt is pretty; love that necklace; your girls must be dancers with their beautiful tu-tus...

It only takes a minute to speak a kind word - and you may even be the only kind minute of that person's day!

3.  The Gift of Time - I am not really a big fan of TV; but there are a few shows I enjoy watching.  Most of the ones I husband doesn't!  There are a few we watch together; so I take the time to relax in the evening after dinner to watch TV with him.

I really feel it's a time-waster - watching TV - but I enjoy relaxing and he enjoys having me in the same room!!

Well, the month of June has ended!  I have been open to finding the gifts that God has given me; and since April, 2015 - have listed 238 of these gifts!

Join me in the month of July as I continue the journey of "1000 Gifts"!  Thank you, Ann Voskamp, for your awesome book!!  And, thank you God for the Gift of Ann!


  1. I thank God for the gift of your friendship. Truly.

    1. Thank you, Andrew...I thank Him for giving you the words you share with everyone, and the strength to continue to share them and to still visit others' blogs and comment.

  2. OH my. The Lord has truly blessed you with many gifts as He has me. I'm thankful that you have the heart to see them. I'm grateful for the gift of building friendship and camaraderie with you!

    1. Thank you, Shelby! Since I started reading and then finding God's gifts along with Ann Voskamp's book - "One Thousand Gifts" - I have really been able to focus on the gifts He gives us all each day. Some days, it is hard; other days, it comes so today's, July 2nd, is "Gifts Read"; that is so easy because I am always reading, whether a book, my devotion, the Bible, blog posts, Facebook...yeah, that IS easy!

      I am also grateful for our friendship; and that of so many others I have connected with. Such a wide world of friends!!!

      Thank you for reading and for commenting. I am TRYING to keep up with reading everyone's posts...

  3. This is so neat. I know a lot of people that have done the One Thousand Gifts and really gotten a lot out of it. I especially love that "We Bee Scrappin'" Too cute!

    1. Yes, Natalie, isn't our little bee the cutest!! We have a place where we go to scrapbook, and the few ladies who administer the place and group always plan really FUN themed crops once a month...this month, July, we are doing a Christmas in July themed crop!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Oh I loved reading through all of your gifts. We so need them all. I like the idea of working on 1000 gifts.The pictures were awesome especially the one of the little one.
    Blessings for this one!
    Thanks for stopping by and reading Living Waters by LeAnn - I will drop by yours again. Hugs~

    1. Don't you just love those faces?! She is a special little girl and I love the faces she makes!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...

  5. I loved reading your gift list! I've been given a lot of those same gifts, too. God is good! Love all the quotes and photos you shared.

    1. I have really loved doing the 1000 Gifts because it has opened my eyes - I KNEW that He has given me so many gifts, but actually numbering awesome!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Barbara, great thinking about how we are surrounded by so many blessings. Thank you for sharing all of yours! Especially love the sweet baby face smiling!

    3. Thanks Christina!! I love the sweet baby...she's the 6th and youngest grandchild...and since the 4 older than she is are BOYS including 2 that are her brothers, she is a little bit spoiled (or as my grandfather always said, you can't spoil a kid with love!!)...then, the oldest is also a they go from almost 1 year old to almost 18 years old!!!

      And it has been so up-lifting to find, write down, and share on my blog the many gifts God has blessed me with. Right in front of my eyes!! He is sooo Good!!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting!


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