Sunday, July 5, 2015


Today, as I write my Tuesday @ Ten post, it is raining outside and everyone is wondering if they will get to view the awesome fireworks on this 4th of July afternoon/evening!

So, I am spending my afternoon/evening at home, reading posts and getting some of my own written!

This week the prompt for Tuesday @ Ten is:

I Find Joy in...

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There are many things that bring me joy; and if you have read very many of my posts, you'll be able to guess what is at the TOP of my list!!

First, there are SIX little ones {well, perhaps there are four considered "little" and two who are not quite so little anymore!}; my grandchildren bring me much joy every time I am around them - whether I am with only one or all of them - I am filled with joy!

Then, I can't forget my three children; for without them I would not have the six precious grandchildren that bring so much joy...three "children" who have grown into such beautiful and loving adults.  And, add to those three, there are three others', their spouses, that also bring joy to my life!

Many other extended family members bring joy, yet we are not always fortunate enough to see them very often...there is still that awesome joy when we do get together!

Excited as I am to see my family, there are times I enjoy getting together with my friends.  My "best" friend is a former co-worker - we worked together for about four years and have bonded...we were born in the same year; graduated from high school the same year; and have similar likes and backgrounds.

She is still working, so we don't see each other every week or even every month!  But, I do try to stop by and see her if it's been "too long" since we've spoken or seen each other.

And, I am not going to forget those friends that I enjoy crafting with!!  At least once {or twice or three times} per week, we meet at a special crafting place where we can sit for hours working on our project.  Not only does the "getting away from home" part of it bring me joy; but just being with my friends certainly does!  Some days we may not even get any crafting done because we are talking; going out for lunch or dinner; shopping - enabling each other to buy more "stuff" that we may or may not really need!

It doesn't have to be something exciting or special for me to find joy; just a simple day of relaxing at home, finding some time to read or relax - that's joy!

Sharing an evening in front of the television, watching a favorite show with my husband, is a joy!

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I certainly will not forget the joy I find in connecting with my online friends!  I have so many special people in my life because of the blogs I read; the groups I am a part of; the links I join on a weekly or monthly basis...

So many wonderful people, sharing a common love - writing, whether blogging or in a journal - we have connected in a way that brings me joy!

I am grateful for all the joyfulness that God blesses me with each and every day!  He is the One who has brought me all of the above joys that I have shared with you today!

And for that, I am truly grateful!


  1. What a nice list of what brings you joy! I can see why you are grateful.

  2. Thank you Tessa! There IS so much JOY around us...just finished reading your post and a few others for the Tuesday @ Ten prompt.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!


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