Friday, July 24, 2015


Time for this week's Tuesday @ Ten, where we have a week to write on the prompt that Karen provides for us...

So, this week's prompt is:

I Find Faith in...

And.  Just what IS faith?

So.  What does that mean?

So.  If faith is "the indefinable certainty of God behind everything..."

Then.  I find faith in the smile of my little granddaughter;

the giggles of my youngest grandson;

the mischievous little four-year old;

the "super hero" seven-year old;

and the "growing up-too-quickly teenagers"...

The faith I have in our future; in their future!

I find faith in the decisions my adult children make - even if they don't always seem like the best decision; for them, it usually is!

I find faith in the words that God gives me to share with others on my blog; words that I pray inspire and encourage others, and words that I pray lift up God and His awesomeness.

I find faith in the beauty of a sunset or a sunrise;

or in the magnificent sky, black with a thunderstorm headed our way.

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I find faith in knowing that when I cry out to God - which I do often! - He will be there to hear my pleas.  He will answer those pleas; but not always the way I want.

I find faith in knowing...

...God does have a plan for me!  He knows the journey I have been on for these sixty-some-odd years!  And, He knows where it will lead me.

I find faith in knowing - He is there; I need not be afraid or discouraged...

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And, my faith will stand...

This is what I find faith in...

How about you?


  1. That was a great post on faith. I enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Tessa! I have been out of town, and away from a computer, this past weekend! Had a great time at a scrapbooking retreat; but am now trying to "catch up", if that is possible!!

  2. Great post!

    I find faith in knowing that whatever happens, God will help me face it with honour, even though I am crushed to the ground.

    1. Oh, yes, Andrew - God WILL help you to face with honour whatever happens...

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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