Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 20, 2016

For Today
June 20, 2016

Looking Out My Window
The weather today is wonderful!  Not too hot and a little over-cast but no rain - yet!  Even a little bit of a breeze, with temps in the low 70's to mid-80's...just the kind of day I love!

I Am Thinking
About family, especially fathers and the role they play in the family.

I Am Thankful
For my family, and for the father that raised me along with my mother.  We were fortunate to have a family that "stayed together"...

You know that saying, "The family that prays together stays together"?  Well, I'm not sure how true that is for many, but it was true in my family!

One of My Favorite Things
Perhaps not a "thing" but a relationship!  I love the relationship I have with my "children"; that we can talk honestly to each other; we can sense when one or the other is not feeling well or is upset...

I learned that from my mother and father and pray I mirror that to my children and they do to theirs.

I Am Wearing
A pair of purple capris, a white shirt with purple flowers, and crocs.  We had an errand to run this morning before the heat sets in later; so I went ahead and dress...

Mondays are usually laundry day; and I stay in pj's most of the day, if not all day!

I Am Creating
I took the opportunity this week while I was at home to get some projects started;

and I've gotten the six (plus two extra) Prima dolls stamped and put together for a swap.  Here are the "girls" - since the swap has not been sent , I'll post final project once everyone has received theirs...

First Step - Stamp Girls
and Clothes;
Second Step - Cut out and 
glue together.

Now to finish the process...

If you've ever seen the game show, "Deal or No Deal", you may think this looks a bit like the girls that Howie tells to "Open Your Case"...

I think these resemble the group of girls with their brief cases!

I also experimented with my newest stamp, dressing her using the same color and patterned paper as the others...

The only difference
is the bows on their shoes!

I Am Reading
While staying with my grandson the other night, and spending the night unexpectedly, I picked up "Three Fates" by Nora Roberts and started reading it.  One of those captivating mysteries that covers a span of years and of continents!

I Am Hoping
The long hard work of our church's Pastor Search Committee is coming to an end soon...

We are trying to narrow down our candidates in the next couple of weeks - before everyone starts going away for their vacations!

I Am Learning
I really can talk to my daughters; and let them know exactly how I feel about things.  They understand!  They know what I am going through, as I know what their lives are like.

We sometimes may have to "agree to disagree" on things; but that doesn't mean we don't still love and respect each other.

Mother-Daughter Outing
for my Birthday

In My Kitchen
Just finished eating the dinner I made!  I spent an hour and a half making meat loaf, yellow rice, leftover green beans.  I also cut up a very large watermelon to take to the pool tomorrow when my daughters and the five grandchildren come to swim.  I also have some pretzels, cookies, and cheese and crackers...we'll have a feast!

So, the kitchen is now cleaned up and the dishes in the dishwasher, waiting to run...

Post Script
Today I want to share the post I wrote on "Prayer" for the Tuesday @ Ten link-up last week...read it here.

Shared Quote
To go along with the above post on Prayer, here is a quote I also shared on that day:

A Moment From My Day
I don't usually take photos of my "every day" since it's a big bulky digital camera.  I do not have a Smart Phone that takes pictures; mine is what I call a "dumb phone" and I am not able to get the photos I do take off the phone!

So, I just want to share a connection I made today with someone from one of my crafting groups!

First, let me say I really feel like we have been connected for a reason!

So, here are the awesome similarities:

We are the same age, with only two months between our birthdays...hers in October and mine in August on the same dates and the same year.

Our husbands are one year apart in age; but were both born on the same day in January!

We both love crafting and are not quite as efficient on the computer as we'd like to be; but have someone that can come to our rescue, if needed.

We are both retired; have grown children and a few grand children!

We both have craft rooms that seem to constantly need "organizing"; and spend a lot of time in those rooms crafting (for me, it's only "sometimes"!) or on the computer.

Believe it or not, while we were chatting, we both had put towels in the washer and dryer...great minds, huh?!

She has been reading my blog - and will see this, I'm sure!!  And has honored me by saying that it was being inspired by my writing that made her want to "meet" and connect.

I love the connections I have made with friends all over the world because of my blog and the groups I am a part of on Facebook.

Closing Notes
So that takes care of another Simple Woman's Daybook!

I pray you are having a good start to your week and to the summer, since today is the first day of summer!

See you next week!


  1. What a surprise to read your post from today! A lovely combination of a new friendship, a new beginning! I do believe we were meant to cross paths and I love how nicely we have done so. For me, I will treasure my new friend forever. For it is she who will be my inspiration in many ways. Thank you dear friend for your lovely and kind words!

    1. Thank you so much Sylvana, for reading today's post, and for your touching comment! I am so blessed to have crossed paths with you, and will treasure the new friendship we are beginning. You honor, and humble, me in your words! I look forward to more connecting to come!!


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