Friday, September 25, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-24-15

The Blog-tember challenge is almost finished ... and it has really been a challenge to keep up with this and other posts I normally write!

I have been linking up with Bailey Jean ... 

Today's prompt is:

Shout out five of your favorite bloggers.
Who are your regular reads?

So, the prompt is to list five bloggers that I read, and that is not easy for me to do!  I read many of the blogs I follow; and follow the threads in Facebook under the groups Together We {Blog}; 31 Day Survivors or 31 Dayers; and others that share a daily post.

There are also quite a number of blogs that notify me via e-mail that a new post has been published.  I usually save these to my computer to read later ... unfortunately, it takes time to read them!

But, there are several that I read automatically {and this list is not a complete list of those!}...

 Andrew at

Helen at

Karen at

Dawn at

Shirley at

{I have no idea why these links do not all show up the same color!
They are in the post as I am writing them out!}

These are by no means the only blogs I read or follow or "support" or encourage!!  I only lift these up today... Be sure to check them out!


  1. Oh I'm *honoured*...thank you....(and am amongst great company, I see)...Helen xxx

    1. Of course YOU! Silly...I am honoured to be able to read your heart and wanted to share with others your wonderful - scratch that; your "lovely" talent! - with others!

      Thanks for reading...not much "traffic" on the Blog-tember posts; but then, I haven't been remembering to link them, and I haven't been able to read very many of the others...but have enjoyed writing them; and will complete them all!!


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