Monday, September 14, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-13-15

One more day, and it's hard to believe we are at the mid-way in September.  Today for the 2015 Blog-tember Challenge with Bailey Jean, the "challenge" is another collage; at least, for me it's a challenge!  I still haven't mastered making a collage...

So, I'll see what I can come up with for today's prompt:

Create a collage 
or inspiration/mood board
for this season in your life.

And, as you can see...I persevered and actually created a collage in PicMonkey!!!

So, what have we here?

The quote; perfect for this season in my life...I am retired and my schedule is flexible; though there are some days I have nothing to do, there are other days that are full; and I am flexible enough that "at the drop of a hat", I can be ready to do something fun!

And, I love it that way!!

Photos from top right, down and around to the bottom left:  

1)  My daughters and I on Mothers' Day 2015; in my flexible life, I spend a lot of time with my daughters and their families!

2)  Me and my six grandchildren Thanksgiving 2014; I love being with my grandchildren, whether we are together just hanging out, or visiting a special place.

3)  Here I am playing a game of Jenga at a women's planning meeting and retreat.  My life is full of things that I love doing; one of which is as part of the board for the Disciples' Women's Ministry.

4)  Another thing I love doing is scrapbooking; here I am showing off my "new" machine, a Cricut Expression.

5)  Five of my six grandchildren; we had a fun outing near my daughter's house.

6)  And another scrapbooking event; a "Flower Power" themed crop...yes, I am a "flower child"...peace out!

And though it isn't showing in the picture collage, another thing with being retired and flexible...

I have the time to persevere in learning something new;

so, the last thing is the collage itself that I persevered and mastered (or, maybe not mastering it, but I did accomplish it!).

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