Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-8-15

During the month of September, I decided to join Bailey Jean and others for The 2015 Blog-tember Challenge, thanks to my friend at Helen!

In addition to this challenge, I am still "discovering" the many gifts (or blessings) that God gives us each and every day!

...and it seems these prompts are giving me the opportunity to take a look at someone who seems left out at times...ME!

Blog-tember promts have requested:  Introduce Yourself; describe your ideal day; create a collage describing your blog; what are you passionate about; share your style; tell us about your blog name...

And, today is no different!  Today's prompt is:

Tell us about your favorite season.
Why is it your favorite and
what does it say about you?

I have probably changed this "favorite season" many times throughout my life...

Growing up, I would have said Summer - or, as Olaf would say:  

"Winter's a great time to stay in and snuggle,
but put me in summer and I'll be a ... 
happy snowman!"

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Well, we all know what happens to a snowman in the sweltering heat of summer...yeah!  That's what I do; I melt!!

I'm with Olaf, winter's a great time to stay in and snuggle; but, summer's an even greater time to stay inside where it's air conditioned and much cooler!

And, I guess you could say Winter is also a favorite; with the holidays and festivities and the excitement of Christmas...yes it would have to be a favorite!

Spring is busting out all over...and I love to see the new growth and wildflowers and the sunshine and the rain showers and...sneezy I become!  Yes, seasonal allergies have me stuffed up for several months!  I love all the new and beautiful things; but I don't love the way it makes me feel.

So, that just leaves Fall...Autumn!  {I kind of like the sound of "Autumn" rather than "Fall"; sounds like something beautiful and special!}

I have just recently come to realize how much I do love this time of year ... well, not this time of year as in today, September!  Our "fall" weather won't actually come around for a few weeks or a month or so!  But, some days the mornings and evenings are just a little bit cooler than the middle of summer.

With autumn, it's almost like a gradual change in scenery; one day the leaves are bright green and the next there's a little tint of orange or red or yellow!

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And as I think about my life and the changes that have come about in the past few years, the "change of autumn" just suits me in the place I am now with the "change of me"... those subtle, gradual changes that have come about.

So, I'll sit back and enjoy a good book, wrap my cozy sweater around my shoulders, sip the cup of tea I just made and maybe watch a movie or two.

At times, I'll sit by the bonfire (at our women's retreat in November) and laugh and sing with my friends.

During the holidays, we'll carve a pumpkin and dress up for Halloween; prepare a feast for Thanksgiving with fresh apple pie and ice cream.  

Perhaps I'll take a long cool walk, or spend some time cuddling with my cat - or the grandkids.

Yes, these are some things that I love about this beautiful season!  {This list of "Things I love about autumn" was found on Pinterest and shared by

And I will enjoy all of the days of autumn, until the winter comes along and...

I'll enjoy that too, because in Florida - well, it really doesn't get that cold; so I'll put away the scarves and mittens and just soak up that beautiful, colorful, wonderful masterpiece that God has created - called Autumn!

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And that is my favorite season!


  1. Great post! I love something about each season.

    1. Yes, I guess I really do love something about each season; and some years, I love some more than others, too, Tara!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...reading these Blog-tember posts is getting quite over-whelming! I WANT to read everyone's; yet I run out of time! Not sure how that's gonna work when I do "write31days" with FMF!!! We will see...


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