Saturday, September 5, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-4-15

During the month of September, I am joining Bailey Jean {and a host of others!} for The 2015 Blog-tember Challenge!  This is my first time joining the Blog-tember Challenge; and I am excited to have a "daily" prompt to share!

Today we are to share - "What Are You Passionate About?"  Well, let me think about this one...

I am passionate about my hobby - or is that "obsessive" about my hobby?

I love to create pages (layouts) for photos of my grandchildren; and events, vacations and other special occasions I spend with my family and friends.  I love to find new ways to display the photos; new colors and techniques to use when creating the layout.

Using the same concept and techniques, I have also enjoyed making hand-made cards for all occasions.  I love sharing them with others, whether as a gift (a set of cards) or sending one to someone.

But, this is a FUN hobby; a wonderful thing that I love to do...a passion that I have and am always excited to talk to others about...

And, being a part of a group of scrapbookers introduced me to another passion...

Patriot Service Dogs
September 2014

Attending a weekend retreat!  But, that's not the real passion here - it's the organization that trains puppies to - subsequently - become a service dog for a disable veteran!  I don't always have the opportunity to attend all of their functions and and events, but I do make it work so I can attend their retreats that support the organization.

Actually, I enjoy attending scrapbooking retreats...period!  But, knowing these support such a great non-profit organization, I do make every effort to attend!

I know I have written about Patriot Service Dogs many times - and therein lies the passion!

So, passion!  Scrapbooking and Patriot Service Dogs!

And so I am off to do some more fund-raising for our retreat that is just around the corner!


  1. I've been lucky to receive a couple of your cards - they are wonderful! I have some stuff for card making, but have yet to actually make the cards. Maybe once I am caught up on organizing my pictures.

    1. Yes, you have received a couple of cards I made...they really are fun to make; maybe one day you'll use your stuff!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...good to see you around!!

  2. Oh, I love your layout! Is that from the trip you did recently (and you've scrapped it already?! I'm impressed!!!)....and love the excitement and passion I can hear coming out when you speak of your scrapping retreats! Just wonderful!

    1. Oh, I have ideas for our recent trip; but have not printed them out yet! Getting them organized and waiting for a good deal - 10 cent prints are always good when I have so many!! This was a 4th of July - weekend - trip we took to SC, NC and GA in 2008. These were photos I wanted to try the mosaics with...and it turned out great. It will be the title page for that trip when I get the rest of it done!

      Yes, I guess I AM passionate about scrapbooking and the retreats...I enjoy all of them, but am most passionate about the Patriot Service Dogs retreat because of what they do! I am getting ready to "fund-raise" for the one coming up!


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