Friday, September 25, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-23-15 - A Guest Post

Today I have invited a fellow blogger to share a guest post for the Blog-tember challenge with Bailey Jean.  The prompt states: "Grab a Guest Post.  Recruit a friend or fellow blogger to share on your space for the day."

Karen Courcey blogs at Finding the Grace Within.  She is not just a fellow blogger; she has become a friend.

I first "met" Karen through the Tuesday @ Ten prompts...I find it much easier to get my thoughts together by following the prompts!  So, as we encouraged each other and followed each other's journey, the connection grew - and so did our friendship!  And we almost met once this past summer!  But, it will happen one day!

Now, join me in welcoming Karen as she shares her heart in her post "The path worth walking..."!

When I first began my path to healing 8 years ago never did I imagine there would be so many different roads I would need to take as a part of the healing.

I showed up thinking I would walk into therapy, talk about my past, and I would be healed and ready to walk back out into the world with softer wounds, and a lighter heart – – in a fantasy world maybe, but in reality its a lot harder than what it seems.

I have learned that in this process of healing, you need to take many many paths, and sometimes you have to go back and re-walk the steps and paths you have already taken; but on a different level of understanding.

I have learned that Therapy is not only about telling your story, but it’s about telling the story 3, 4 and 5 times over, because as you grow and heal, there are many different levels to what telling your story does to healing wounds.
Every path I have taken has been worth every hard step! There is this quote that I love because it has so much meaning to this process:
“When you can tell the story of your past, and it no longer brings up any pain, you know you have healed” Iyanla Vanzant
There is so much truth to this quote, because I have come to a place where I can openly talk about the sexual abuse and rape I endured as a child, and I no longer curl up into isolation.
That is when I know the path to healing is doing its job, and the steps are steps to a place of healing, and not steps of walking in place.
Therapy and the healing path is not only about telling the story, but it’s about connection and finding a new connection to yourself and those around you.
It’s about healing the child within that was stuck at the time of abuse; the inner child that holds those wounds and keeps the adult part of me from living the life that I need to live.
It’s about telling the story to yourself and growing the child up inside and loving and caring the inner child that was hurt and abused.
It’s about learning how to connect with others, and finding safety in people besides looking for the bad in everyone because of the bad that was done to me.
It’s about learning how to find trust in others, and learning how to love myself and stop punishing myself for the past which was not my fault.
It’s also about building a better relationship with God and learning that he was by your side and never left you!
8 years later and I am still walking the paths of my healing. Never did I think I would be in therapy for 8 years, but I have also learned to accept that healing takes time, and I am worthy of that time – however long it takes to continue moving into the life that God intended for me.
It’s a daily process; a process that is worth every step is takes.
I am healing and continue to heal, and today I have taken this healing as way to use my voice in writing, and as a way to connect with others and show others “you can use your voice, and healing CAN happen no matter how many different roads to get there”.
no matter how many roads there are to healing (good and bad, hard and easy) those roads all lead to a place of healing.


  1. Oh Barbara, Oh Karen, wow, what a powerful post. It spoke volumes to me personally. You know how wonderful I think you are, Karen, and I definitely thank you so, so much for this post. It arrived to me at the exact right time, in that I appear to have reached a place in my own healing where I could 'hear' your words and assimilate them because I fully understand what you mean about the different paths. The quote also shouted out to me because I, absolutely, agree: I think that's the definition of healing I would also go with. Once we can talk about it openly without it causing us pain, we're on the path to long-term healing. Thanks so much both of you. So, so much. Helen

    1. Yes, Helen, she was very brave to share her story; I invited her to write and she wrote her heart! You are both brave for sharing your stories! Mine is different; but it helped so much the stories I've shared about the attack; and...really, maybe it isn't all that different anyway!

      So glad that this post came to you at just the right time. I certainly know how that can be also...I haven't been feeling quite "right" lately; my attitude has not been what it should be to my husband...I know he doesn't really mean how he speaks to me; and it doesn't help to shout back or be disrespectful or ugly to him, I was shown this today in reading two different things: an e-mail from another blogger; and another's post and poetry...these words showed me how I have been being; what I need to do and...well, I have felt different this evening. I just pray God will give me the right attitude and words for longer than just this one incident!!

      Thanks for reading my posts, Helen! So glad we are all connecting!


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