Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-21-15

Another of the Blog-tember Challenge posts!  Linking up with Bailey Jean and catching up - 

Today's prompt is:

and How it has impacted You

Throughout the years, I have read many quotes; and have been touched or impacted by them ... at that moment when they were read.  But, none have stayed with me as this one has ...

What I share today is a portion of scripture from the Psalms that was part of a devotion shortly after a most traumatic time in my life.  I have shared both the event and the scripture in other posts on my blog ...

Today I share the verses again that meant so much to me following an attack in 1998.  I spent many days and weeks and month - possibly even years - trying to over-come the trauma, physical injuries, fear, trust, even being alone in a place where I should not have felt fear or any of this!

I looked to the scriptures, to God, and to His healing power, and he showed me these verses from Psalm 116; the Message Bible version says:

I love God because he listened to me,
listened as I begged for mercy.
He listened so intently
as I laid out my case before him.
Death stared me in the face,
hell was hard on my heels.
Up against it,
I didn't know which way to turn;
then I called out to God for help:
"Please, God!" I cried out.
"Save my life!"

(Psalm 116:1-4 The Message)

And that is what I share today for a "quote/expression that has impacted my life"!


  1. Awesome Psalm!! They bring such joy and peace to my heart!

    1. I LOVE the psalms...sometimes the meaning is so powerful when read in different versions. And I love when those special ones can be found in images.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Elle Alice!


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