Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-1-15

Thanks to Helen at iwillbloom for her post Me, Myself and I, I discovered this month-long challenge for September.  While I have been pondering October's "write31days" challenge, which I did last year, I feel a daily word prompt may work better for me this year...{but may actually follow Five Minute Friday's prompts for the "write31days" challenge.}

But for September, I am joining with Helen, and Bailey Jean for The 2015 Blog-tember Challenge!  Today has been a long day, and I will hopefully finish each days post before the end of that day!

Today, we are to introduce ourselves...and it seems I've written quite a lot about "who I am?" recently; but, have I really introduced myself properly?  Have I really shared who I am?

I don't know!  Many days I find myself wondering that very thing!  I feel "imperfect" in many of the roles I fulfill.  During last year's "write31days" challenge, I learned two major things about myself:  1) I am a Writer! and 2) I am a Caregiver!  Both were roles I did not feel were mine; yet, I realized I am both!

Reading Bobbi Carducci's book, "The Imperfect Caregiver", helped me to understand my role as caregiver, and to know that I am not alone in that role.  This is what I hoped to convey to those who read my posts on "31 Days of Dementia's Demands" during that 31 day period.  {Bobbi's blog is found at, where you can also find information about her book.}

So, what about that writer person that I am?  I have loved writing since I was a teenager...I would jot down words that came into my head; most of them were poetry...those sappy teenage "love" poems!  Some were about God's love for us...and the world around us and the "birds up in the sky"!  I also wrote "speeches" for our youth group at church, and shared them in speaking contests -  never won any, but helped me to be a better speaker in front of others.

Don't get me wrong...I may be a "writer" and a "caregiver"; but I am certainly NOT a professional at either!

I also loved reading as a teenager, and really enjoyed those literature classes - though I couldn't tell you what books I had to read when in high school!  Currently, I am working through some old classics that I have never read - like C. S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia".  But, I love reading many different authors and types of books {and I prefer "real" books!}

There are also other roles I fill, as a wife, mother of three adult children, grandmother of six - two girls and four boys ranging from 1 year old to almost 18 years old...the girls are youngest and oldest.  

Me and my six grandchildren
November 2014

I am a daughter and granddaughter, although my parents and grandparents are all gone ahead of me to their Heavenly home.  I am a sister to two brothers, both married with their own families; so I am also a sister-in-law and an aunt.

More roles?  I am a friend and an avid creating those layouts, and cardmaking and being challenged to do "new" things!  I am a retired clerical worker, having worked in insurance companies, banks and credit unions, as a church secretary or administrative assistant, to name but a few!

Nothing new here, huh?

As a member of my church, I am a choir member - though I haven't been able to sing for quite some time because of lung and breathing difficulties; I am a Deacon of the church, serving our congregation; currently, I am the chair-person of our Deacons.  And, in that role as chair-person, also found myself recently "appointed" to the Pastor Search Team - our minister has just retired...and if that is not enough, I am also part of the Transition Team that will help our church through the transition of our minister's retiring and our securing a new pastor!

AND, just prior to the pastor announcing his retirement, I had volunteered to serve on a committee that is planning for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of our Children's Arts Center that reaches out to our community and meets at our church...

Oh, and I actually forgot a couple...I am also Treasurer for our Disciples' Women's Ministry and the chair of the Nominating Committee for the Region Disciples' Women...


Does that make you tired?!  It sure does make me tired just putting it all down...

But, I still don't think I have really shared who I am!  Because, I really do not know who I am aside from all of these roles!

What I know is this:  I am Barbara London; and Barbara is a very caring, loyal, willing, friendly, fun-loving woman.  She will do whatever she can for her family and friends, sometimes completely forgetting that she has needs, too.  But, others' needs come first...and that's just the way I am!

Yes, I am Retired and love my flexible, "spur-of-the-moment" life!  This is who I am...I am Re-tired and I am Tired!

Oh, and one more thing:  I love my cat!

the day we brought her home
from the Humane Society;
she was "queen of the roost"
from the first day home!

I hope you know just a little more about me now; can't wait to read all of the other's introductions, and find friends "old" and new!


  1. I loved reading your story and your perspective on "Who am I ?" Do we ever really know?

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Sharon! I plan to get some reading done; but today has been a very busy and tiring day...and I started out the day already tired!

      Glad to have this opportunity to "meet" some new bloggin' friends!

  2. You sound like quite the busy lady! I completely understand how that goes, believe me. Look at your grandkids! They're all so beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Leah! I think my grandkids are beautiful, too!!!

      Yeah, sometimes I think I am way too busy; and feeling tired and run-down right now...I don't think I ever got over my drive home from north of Atlanta last Sunday (or a week ago Sunday!)...most of the way was in rain and thunderstorms, sometimes so bad we had a hard time seeing the cars in front of us...but we did make it home safely!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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