Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-19-15

Catching up on my Blog-tember Challenge with Bailey Jean; I will persevere and get all of them written (except a few I chose not to do, like the one for 9-18 - "Record a VLOG"...)

But, the prompt for 9-19-15 is:

Tell us about one of the best days of your life

It happened on a lonely day in June, far away from my home...

"One" of the best days of my life...

The day my first born child entered this world.  That precious little boy who brought so much love and joy into our lives.

Just over two years later, another "one" of my best days happened...

A beautiful little girl, wide-eyed and ready for the world, joined her brother, mother and father.

And life was good, most of the time!

Many changes and moves and ups and downs took place over the next few years.

Then, about six years later and a new relationship, another "one" of my best days came along...

Another beautiful little girl, fingers spread out in front of her - "piano fingers", I said!

And she joined our little family.

My children have always been my joy, my life, my "best days ever"...

Even today, whenever I am lucky enough to spend some time with either one, or all of them, it is my best day ever!

Melissa, Chris and Cathy
and Me

Now that they all have children of their own...

Any time I spend with their children - my grandchildren - is also my best day ever!

Me and the Six Grandchildren


I won't choose just one!


  1. The best day of my life? Today.

    It began with pain that would not quit, and it was a bit of a struggle from there...2x the recommended dosage of morphine was like urinating on a firestorm (pardon that, please, but it's the only simile that comes to mind).

    Nonetheless, it was the best day of my life, because, and ONLY because I decided thatit would be. I chose this Best.

    And it's mine.

    Tomorrow I will be weaker and in more pain.

    but tomorrow will nonetheless be better than today.


    1. Yes, Andrew...I can certainly understand that each new day that you are given is your "best day ever"; and you grab hold of those days with a vengeance! Keep holding on, my friends; He keeps giving you these days...praying for you!

      Thanks for reading and commenting - I know it isn't easy to do either!

  2. Beautiful post! Loved the photos: you all look so happy in them!!!!

    1. Older photos! But, yes, we are happy! They all three had me cracking up, laughing so hard! I don't have a lot of photos with me and all three of my "kids"!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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