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Simple Woman's Daybook - August 3, 2015

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Monday again!  The first Monday of August...is it really August already?!  Almost time for school to start; some places are aleady beginning school today!

August also ushers in our 32nd Anniversary; and my Birthday...

But, for today - linking up with Peggy for another "Simple Woman's Daybook...

So, here goes:

For Today:
August 3, 2015

Outside My Window:  Looks a bit over-cast from where I am sitting!  A slight breeze, not as hot as it has been; but, it is still 81 degrees on this hot summer day in August - at 9 am!

I am Hearing:  The Food Network Channel; a cooking show, making some kind of sausage open-face sandwich...hubby knows I like to watch this channel, and he left to go for a walk... but hearing them talking about food is making me hungry.  Time to go eat a bit of breakfast!

I am Thinking:  Of all the things I want to accomplish this week, since it is a "light" week with very little plans already made.

I am Thankful:  For a "light" week; I get so tired when it's a constant - as my one-year old granddaughter would say: GO GO GO!!!

I am Praying for:  Friends battling cancer; our pastor and his wife: they lost their long-time furry friend the other night; they are also on the brink of his retirement; our children headed back to school soon (or already!); my health...many other needs and concerns that God already knows about before we even stop to pray!

I am Wearing:  Floral pajamas!!  Very comfy!!

I am Creating:  A new project - putting all of the photos from our travels in the 80's into a 3-ring album (they were originally in the old magnetic albums and I had taken them out and put into envelopes for organizing them; now am working them into the album).

I am Going:  To enjoy a "light" week this week because I want to plan for a few days away after we get paid!

I am Wondering:  If we should go on a short vacation in August or wait until September?  Would the weather in Atlanta be cooler??

I am Reading:  Working on reading the stories in "Chicken Soup for the Writers' Soul"; just finished "Old-Fashioned" and ready for another novel, just haven't decided on which book to read now.

I am Excited That:  I am making progress with the "new" project - travel photos from the 80's!

I am Learning to:  Accept gifts "graciously" when others wish to bestow them upon me!

In My Kitchen:  Pork chops and Spanish rice for dinner; a few dishes to wash and the dishwasher to unload.

Around the House:  Bits and pieces of stuff to be put away.

I am Pondering:  This from Ann Voskamp -

A Favorite Quote for Today:  "When you write from the heart, you not only light the dark path of your readers, you light your own way as well."    - Marjorie Holmes

A Fave Scripture Thought:  Something I need to remind myself of every day -

And, that, my friends, is my Simple Woman's Daybook post for this week!  Can't wait to read yours!!


  1. Nice! I like the Ann Voskamp quote; even more, I think that joy is a choice we are offered with every beat of our heart.

    Even through the hardest times, there is still the foundational joy of God's love, and His rescue.

    And I'm so sorry for your pastor and his wife. Losing a loved companion is hard, even when it's expected. Maybe even harder in that case. My prayers go with them.

    And always with you.

    BTW, our anniversary is this month as well!

    1. We DO choose JOY; for if we do not spend our lives in JOY...what IS there really to enJOY or to "live for"?! I know some days I may not FEEL joyful or LOOK joyful; but most days I AM JOYFUL...even in the face of a husband who always shows a "sad" or "mean" or "contemptuous" look...why? Who knows?!

      Yes, we have lost our share of companions as well; and it is hard to lose them.

      Well, Happy Anniversary to you and Barb for whenever! Ours is the 6th...actually coming up this week...doubtful he'll remember and it's not in the finances to go out. So, guess we'll just stay home!!

      Take care, Andrew! Thanks for reading and commenting...prayers as always!

  2. Spanish rice is one of my favourite foods. Can I come eat with you?


    1. There IS still a little of that Spanish rice left!! It's what I had tonight too!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Karen!

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  4. Hi Barb! Love your Day Book! I try to be more consistent with my journaling (been remiss with RJD of late) but I find my writing projects take preeminence. I journal in my work, though, and that's what tends to find its way into my blog posts and published works. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit with you here. Thanks for stopping by at The Writer's Reverie!

    1. I sure know how it can be to keep up with all the writing (and reading), Miss Kathy!! I am usually prepared for RJD and here it is Wed. before the 1st Fri. and I am not completely sure what I will share!! Guess it's time to start reading through some of my journals...hmmm. Sounds like a good thing to do this rainy afternoon?!

      I try to continue to journal (hand-written) as well as the blog, too; and I am also doing the "One Thousand Gifts" from Ann Voskamp...writing that in a journal, and then posted a week's worth at a time, can be time-consuming, too...

      But, I love writing and will continue to do as much as I can...will be back to read more of your blog!!

  5. I enjoyed your 'Day book', especially the light week remark. I so understand since both the husband and I spent way too much time driving to medical appointments. It was lovely.

    1. Yes, it HAS been a light week, Shirley! But, I did get to the park today to spend some time with my daughter and her 2 little ones; then to her house after she picked up the 4-year old from an art camp! Next week, labs; then dr. appts. the next week...then, a short vacation trip for hubby and I!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Yes, it HAS been a light week, Shirley! But, I did get to the park today to spend some time with my daughter and her 2 little ones; then to her house after she picked up the 4-year old from an art camp! Next week, labs; then dr. appts. the next week...then, a short vacation trip for hubby and I!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Hi! I really enjoy your daybooks so much! I love your quotes, especially the one by Marjorie Holmes, that is one I need to write down! My anniversary is today actually ( 26 years) and two of my children, plus my step dad have birthdays in August, it is a busy month. Which makes it seem to go by even faster. I have several magnetic photo albums and they drive me completely out of my mind! I have a mountain f photos to go through, and I could make so many scrapbooks. I have started one, but only have the pages done, not the whole album! I hope you have a great week, a happy anniversary and a very happy birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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