Monday, November 10, 2014

God's Nature and Other Stuff

Sitting in the silence of the spot where I chose to stop, I look around at the beauty of God’s nature…

the trees with the beautiful moss hanging down;

pieces of branches, broken and laying on the ground; 

leaves at my feet where they have fallen; 

even a tiny ant hill and the dirt surrounding the area…

These things I see as I sit and ponder how God’s nature fits into my desire to get away and find peace…

But, wait!  What is that I see, buried beneath the sand, yet shiny enough to catch my eye?  Do you see it...just to the right of the leaf that has fallen up-side down...

Moving my foot back and forth, I uncover – a small bell...

...a bell, dropped to the ground during a warm summer’s day while a young person was working on their craft.  How would I know who dropped that bell?  I don’t know specifically who dropped the bell!  I dream it, or see it in my mind as I sit and imagine a group of young people – teenagers or junior high kids, maybe even younger kids - sitting in the same spot where I sit today.  They are creating and crafting and laughing and enjoying the outside, God’s nature.  I see them in my mind because I know this place is special to these young people; this place is special to a group of women who come to share in worship and singing and inspiring messages; to share hugs and love and prayer.  This place –IS HOLY GROUND…WE ARE STANDING ON HOLY GROUND – and it is God’s nature and other stuff.  

But, what is this “other stuff” that I speak about finding along with God's nature?  That’s the bell...

and a tiny piece of wood from some long-ago piece of furniture that has been tossed aside, left to be uncovered by someone who has stopped to find God in this place of nature and other stuff. 

Where have you found God’s Nature and Other Stuff?


  1. I love spending time in Gods creation. Something so holy. The name of my blog is from me spending time in one of my fave places; the holy ground of the prairies of ND!

    1. The Holy Ground I speak of is the conference center where our church denomination - the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have our retreats, meetings, summer camps, etc. It is really beautiful; across the street from a nature park that has all sorts of animals; sometimes if it is real can hear the monkeys chattering! And we sometimes see snakes, monkeys, all sorts of birds - and deer; oh, and a couple of times, a baby black bear!!! It is a special place for my...

  2. Love the fall with the leaves falling... God's awesomeness is so apparent! And sometimes unexpected =)

    1. That is for sure! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Nature has a certain pull that brings us to God's presence. I love encounters like this. Holy Ground it is as long as we open our eyes of faith.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! God does show his presence in some unlikely places; these words started forming as I sat looking at simple things like a bell and a piece of wood...and being in that beautiful place, too!


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