Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Literary Love" - Prompt 12/21

Today's prompt invites us to "explore the background and biographical information of one of our fave authors"; or to "write about our favorite Devotional Book"...

I will attempt to highlight both!

The author I would like to highlight today is Ann Voskamp.

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The caption for this photo was:  "Having an Attitude of Gratitude; Ann Voskamp 1973".

Upon first entering Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, she invites her readers to "Come on in!"  Following that invitation, a brief bio is shared:

"It's quiet in here.  Come rest a bit?  Nice to meet you!  My name's plain & simple Ann, without even the fanciful 'e.'  I'm a farmer's wife with a happy mess of 6 kids, a crazy camera & a bunch of books that landed on the NY Times bestsellers lists, but hey, could I just get you the relief of some easy words right now?  You know - relief for those dry days that are kindling for burning bushes...for holy experiences with God."

Her words issue a very welcoming invitation to enter her space - her blog - and enjoy a moment or two of her life on the farm with her family and the many "creatures" that surround them.

Ann's words are packed with down-home truths that captured my attention from the first time I read her beautiful words.  She has opened my eyes to the every day gifts all around me.

I discovered Ann's "One Thousand Gifts" online as I was searching for books to read or devotionals to use for my morning quiet time.

I found both!

Last year I started following the "One Thousand Gifts" concept of finding God's blessings - or gifts - in the everyday things around us.  Part of the appeal is that she gives a "prompt" for each day, just as some of the blog posts I publish have followed a prompt!

Earlier this year, I started including the companion devotional in my morning routine:  1) read the day's scripture and meditation in "The Upper Room" devotional; and 2) read from a second source...I finally found "One Thousand Gifts Devotional" by Ann Voskamp at a used book store; and added it to my morning routine.

Though I haven't read any of Ann's other books, it is on my "to read" list.  I just love the way she writes in such a poetic, inspiring way...

Found on Pinterest

And, I definitely feel that Ann's "gift" is from above!!

That is my "Literary Love" for Prompt 12!


  1. I love Ann V. as well...she has been a part of my blogging journey and I have kept a 1000 gifts journal continuously --inspired by her since 2012. ;)

    1. Unfortunately, I didn't complete the year; but still have the journal and every once in a while I'll try to write in it...I think I was making it too complicated; writing more than necessary! Once I start it that way, I want it to be that way all the way through!!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting...and I AM loving this 21 day journey; but it's hard! And, not many commenting!! Perhaps the next journey I'll just do it in my hand-written journal and NOT share?!

  2. Great testimonial, Barbara. I follow AV's blog, but have yet to read "A Thousand Gifts".

    1. Thanks, Andrew. Her book is the type that catches my attention; it's "real life"; down-to-earth situations that I can relate to in my life. I have "failed" in getting to the 1000 gifts for the 1st year; but will still try to continue to the end. And, continue on, but in a "lesser" way - I always ramble and embellish and write more than necessary!!! Guess it's my way!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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