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Simple Woman's Daybook - July 25, 2016

For Today
July 25, 2016

Looking Out My Window
I really do love living in Florida - for the most part!  I don't love the heat; but I do love the "not having to shovel snow".

Today is a typical summer day; it was 82 degrees at 10:00 a.m.; and well into the 90's when I left around noon to meet my daughter and grandson for lunch.

It is an "inside" day for me anyway; Mondays are my laundry and "cleaning" day!

I Am Thinking
About the state of our State; our Country; our World.

Everyday there seems to be another "Breaking News" report about a shooting or death in other ways; a drowning; an accidental crash...

Does it seem to be so much because of all the media and quick ways of getting the news?

Or, is it really because there are so many of these happenings?

I am not really sure.  I know it is bothersome to hear it all the time;

I think I am ready for some Good News!

I Am Thankful
For others that I am serving with on our church's Pastor Search committee; and especially for our Chair person who has a lot on his shoulders.  Praying we are near the end of this search!!

One of my Favorite Things
An unplanned opportunity to join family or friends. It doesn't matter whether it is for a meal, as I did this afternoon when I met with my daughter and grandson; or a shopping trip; or even a few hours at the pool...

I love that I can just randomly "drop everything" to do something fun!

I Am Wearing
A pair of jeans shorts, a t-shirt with turtles my daughter bought for me:

And, of course, those stubborn crocs that just won't be thrown away...probably because I just haven't found the right replacement!

I Am Creating
Last weekend I was out of town for a scrapbook retreat...nothing unusual about that!  I was able to get several things completed:  

Two 2-page layouts
with 2 of my grandsons

An ATC Card and a regular Card
for an "Anything Outdoors" swap

An ATC Card and a Tag for the theme, "White and Gold" for another Swap.

{An ATC is an "Artist Trading Card" and is very popular in swaps.  It is only 2.5 x 3.5, or the size of a baseball card.  These are new for me, and the two above are only the 3rd and 4th I've ever made!}

I know there were other things I worked on during the weekend, but these were the main "projects" I wanted to complete.  And there are also other things like games and socializing and eating to be done!

I Am Reading
"Sunrise" by Karen Kingsbury; this is the first book in the "Sunrise" series which continues the "Baxter Family" story.

I Am Hoping
The weather cools down just a little; I want to enjoy some outside time before I head to Daytona Beach for a scrapbook retreat - when I will be inside for four days!

But, I will be having FUN!

I Am Learning
To let my writing come as it will and not to stress out over being "behind" or not being able to get certain posts done "on time"!

I love linking up with Peggy for the Simple Woman's Daybook; with Karen for the Tuesday @ Ten linkup; and also with Dawn for the 21 Days of Journaling in July.

The last one is actually for journaling, not necessarily to be shared on my blog; but I started sharing and will get the others on...eventually!

In My Kitchen
Dirty dishes in the dishwasher; kitchen is somewhat clean, except for maybe the floor!  We will be eating leftovers since there is already rotisserie chicken, potato salad and a few other things to be eaten.

Shared Quote
One of the women I admire is Elisabeth Elliot (12/21/26 - 6/15/15).  She was a Christian author and speaker; and wife of Jim Elliot (her first husband) who was killed in 1956 while attempting to make missionary contact with the Auca of eastern Ecuador.  Mrs. Elliot later spent two years as a missionary to the tribe members who killed her first husband.  More can be found on Wikipedia, where I found this information.

I used the following quote in one of my "21 Days of Journaling in July" posts:

Found on Pinterest
Shared by facebook.com

A Moment From My Day
While scrolling through my Facebook posts, I read one indicating someone had mentioned me in one of her posts.  I assumed just acknowledging the rough time I was having because I was behind with my journaling...

Then, I listened to her video of encouragement to all of the journalers; perhaps it will encourage you, too:

on YouTube

She mentioned me by name!  Yes, my friend...I will stop beating myself up and let the writing come as it will!!

Closing Notes
Well, I have just about completed this week's post for Simple Woman's Daybook!  Hopefully I won't be skipping a couple of weeks again any time soon!! 

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