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Simple Woman's Daybook - July 4, 2016

For Today
July 4, 2016

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Looking Out My Window
On the morning of the 4th of July, outside my window are sparklers and fireworks lying spent on the ground.

I was up until 11:30 pm hearing fireworks all around, and making sure my cat did not have a heart attack from all of the noise around us.

Yeah, it may be a fun and noisy and celebrative day; but there are many that do not enjoy it.

Our pets can be frightened by all of the noise; but, what about those with PTSD?  Afterall, don't we celebrate this day remembering our freedom and how that came to be?

Let's just remember...

I Am Thinking
About what the 4th of July represents...

Our Independence!

About what it took to get that Independence...

The lives of many!

I Am Thankful
For all of those who fought for the freedom we enjoy on this, and every, day!

One of my Favorite Things
Spending time with family!  An "extra" day for swimming and being together when my daughter and her family came for a swim.  Though we were chased out by rain, then thunder, we enjoyed a couple of hours of swimming and snacking and being together.

Now, we will spend the afternoon with both daughters and their families to celebrate the 4th of July!

Just wishing my son and his daughter were also in town to share these gatherings.

I Am Wearing
My shades of pink flowered pajamas...

...and my crocs!

I Am Creating
Started working on the 20 birthday cards needed for two swaps.  They are finished except for adding bling and the sentiments, and my "mark" on the back of each card.

I Am Reading
I am almost finished reading "Three Fates" by Nora Roberts; in fact, if I am later in the day writing this post...

I may be finished!  Just a couple more chapters to go and I will be done!

I Am Hoping
We have found a match!  Our pastor search committee will be doing a couple of face-to-face interviews later this month.

Prayers that we are led in the right direction.

I Am Learning
That I do not have to be restricted by what I cannot do!  I can do what I can do at my own pace; and eventually, the chores will get done!

Case in point...I had let the bathroom go; it was bad!  So, I jumped in - actually stepped in - and cleaned it the best I could on day 1; and finished it on day won't take as long the next time!

And, I found the energy to continue on that day 2 and cleaned off my craft table.

Today, I am going to continue working in my craft room!

In My Kitchen
Dishes in the dishwasher; but not full enough to run.  Lunch - cookout - to celebrate the 4th of July with family; so, leftovers for dinner.

No laundry today...tomorrow will be my "Monday" for those chores.  And, I'll continue cleaning and organizing in my craft room.

Shared Quote

No quotes today; instead I'll share a couple of "subway" art pieces for the 4th...

A Moment From My Day
While at my daughter's house for the holiday, I was thrilled to have my grandson walk to me!  He is developmentally challenged - if that is a word - and is in the process of using a child's walker to help balance.

He took several steps without the walker and without anyone holding him...right into my arms for a happy cuddle!

Closing Notes
So, on this Independence Day, another Simple Woman's Daybook has been shared!

I hope you had a happy and safe 4th of July.  May the rest of the week be happy as well.

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  1. Birthday card swaps? What a fun idea.
    My pets didn't exactly love the fireworks around here, either. Glad the fireshows are over. But I like your patriotic posters!
    Blessings --


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