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Simple Woman's Daybook - December 28, 2015

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December 28, 2015

Outside My Window:  Another gorgeous day is ahead...at 9:00 am it was already 73 degrees; so now, at 11:20 am, it is most likely closer to the 80's!

I am Thankful for:  The time I've had to be with my "children" and grandchildren...unfortunately, our Sunday plans were changed because my youngest daughter and her family were sick.  But, now will be able to spend more time with them today.

My three kids

My six grandkids

In My Kitchen:  Dishes are washed; somewhat clean except for the floor...leftovers for hubby for dinner since I'll be away babysitting!

I am Wearing:  Black pj pants; dark pink night-shirt with white dogs all over...they are wearing pink bow-ties with white polka dots and one of their ears/eyes is black.  Cute!  And the pj's are very comfy!

I am Creating:  At least in my mind, I am "designing" - or thinking of a design - for a card swap.  I will be making "Thinking of You" cards to swap with "however # of participants", which means I make that many cards.  Will probably make more so I'll have them in my stash of hand-made cards.  Hoping for a couple of craft shows this year!

I am Thinking About:  My word for 2016!  I have not participated in a "word of the year" before and have decided to do so this year!  I even have found an "accountability group" of others through my bloggin' friend, Larissa.

My Tuesday @ Ten post last week touched on the word:  http://scrapper123.blogspot.com/2015/12/tuesday-ten-joyjoyful.html.  Looking forward to writing a weekly post on...

I am Praying for:   The new year - 2016 - that is just around the corner.  A new year, as in a new day, to make a new start; and praying the "JOY" I have felt the past few days continues into the new year as I explore this "joy-ful" word!

I am Going:  To spend some time with my youngest daughter's three children, along with my son and granddaughter, so she and her husband can get away to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

I am Wondering:  How long will this "joy" last before the bomb explodes!  That "bomb" being my husband; it has been so pleasant lately, which is good!

{I know there have been a few prayer warriors praying on our behalf; and I am thankful to them for their prayers!}

I am Reading:  "Ricochet" by Sandra Brown...another "can't put down" book!

I am Excited for:  A couple more days to spend with family; then a bit of crafting with my friends...haven't done any crafting in a couple of weeks - and I have a project to finish before meeting with my friend for dinner!

I am Learning:  To stop when I am feeling bad or tired; and lately, having these headaches, have needed to do that more often.  Tests soon to figure out what is going on!

I am Hearing:  The news on TV...not my fave; but, well, guess we do need to keep up with what is going on in our town?!

A Quote for Today

Thanks to Ann Voskamp for her wonderful images; and the words she shares with us...many that touch deeply in my heart and soul.  And many around the word I am using for 2016!!

I am Pondering: The JOY found in Jesus Christ, our Savior, whose birth we celebrate during this time of year.  He is with us; Emmanuel...He IS with us!

A Scripture Thought:  From Psalm 40:16 - NLT:

"But may all who search for you be filled with JOY and gladness in you.  May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout, 'The Lord is great!' "

Another verse directing me to my word for 2016!

And so ends the final Simple Woman's Daybook for 2015...looking forward to connecting more in 2016!


  1. JOY - I pray you have joy-filled days in 2016!

    1. Thank you Susan! I have committed to this Word of the Year; so...prayers ARE appreciated, as I also appreciate your reading and commenting!

  2. Oh you had me at warmer weather! ;) We are snowed in and so cold here... although I DID want a White Christmas so I am trying not to complain! (But, you know... Christmas is over now and so I am over it!) Joy is your word for 2016? How lovely! That is such a great word! Happy New year!

    1. Your white Christmas is/was beautiful; and I am sure there are MANY who wished for it!! Me? I'm not going so far as to wish for a white Christmas...just weather that is not quite so warm...

      Praying I can do some good posts on JOY in the new year! It seems to be everywhere as I was choosing...I think maybe it DID choose ME!!


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