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Simple Woman's Daybook - March 28, 2016

For Today
March 28, 2016

Outside My Window:  What another gorgeous day; and I am "stuck" inside with the chores!

Remember the two "buds" on last week's tree outside my window?  Well, here it is a week later:

Photo by BJLondon

I Am Thinking:  I do not like this "fixed income" thing.  Just when I think I have a handle on the expenses coming up, something else comes up unexpectedly - and of course we don't have any savings to pull from.

Should I look for a job to offset those unexpected expenses?  Do I cut back on things, like my crafting and attending retreats?  I just don't know what to do...

I Am Praising God for:  A glorious Easter Day; and thanking Him for His Son.  Allelujah!  He Lives!!

I Am Wearing:  A pair of jeans and my gray "Challenge Accepted" t-shirt from the "write31days" challenge October 2015.  And, the always-present crocs!

I Am Creating:  I attended a Prima doll class on Saturday and made four cards using the Sea Sallie mermaid stamp:

Love working with the Prima stamps and can't wait to make more tags and cards this coming the retreat!

A Few Things for the Week:

Monday:  Stay-at-home doing laundry and gathering the things I will take with me to the scrapbooking retreat.

Tuesday:  Mostly stay-at-home and continue organizing my things; but hubby has an eye appointment.

Wednesday:  Again, mostly stay-at-home; but hubby and I both have appointments with our doctor (just regular check-ups, but I always get the "sugar is too high" and "you need to lose weight" lectures while hubby is usually doing OK.  We will see...)

Thursday:  Hanging with my daughter for awhile; final laundry for the weekend; and finish putting things together to load the car on Friday morning.

Friday:  Load car with "too much" scrapbooking supplies and heading to the hotel for the weekend retreat.

Saturday and Sunday:  Scrapbooking; having FUN with friends; eating too much; staying up too late; having FUN...

I Am Wondering:  What to do next?!

I Am Reading:  One chapter left to read in Danielle Steel's "Mixed Blessings".  I will finish it today; but not sure when I'll pull out another one to read...too much to do this week!

I Am Hoping:  That I have a great time at the retreat; I am not feeling as excited as I did at first.  I had decided not to attend; but someone paid my way.  So I was sure it would all work out.

Right now I have so many things on my mind, I hope I can relax and enjoy the weekend!

I Am Looking Forward to:  I really am looking forward to seeing my friends and getting some crafting done...

I Am Learning:  What?  Not sure...but have been really thinking about a lot of things lately.  Maybe that is what I am learning?!

I Am Hearing:  "Unsolved Mysteries" on the TV; interesting, but just barely listening to it!

In My Kitchen:  Pulled hot dogs out for dinner; but not really "feeling it"...

I Am Pondering:  My worries and concerns and thoughts always come back to this verse:

A Fave Scripture Thought:  "Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." (Philippians 4:6 NRSV)

So, why is it that I always find myself worrying and being concerned anyway?!

God, you know my thoughts and my concerns and what is on my mind.  Please show me what I need to see...

And another week with the Simple Woman's Daybook has concluded.  Join me again next week for a new post full of more fun things.

I love being retired and doing things I want to do.  It doesn't even matter anymore that I don't have the money to travel; I am doing so many other FUN things!!

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