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Simple Woman's Daybook - February 29, 2016

Today is a special day!  One that occurs only every four years!

Today is February 29th; the "extra" day we get in a Leap Year!

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For Today
February 29, 2016

Outside My Window:  It is a beautiful sunny day in Florida!  The temp at 11 am is 64 degrees, with a high exptected in the 70's...simply beautiful!

I Am Thinking:  Of a few things we need to discuss with the doctor when we see him in March...issues that just don't seem to be getting any better.

I Am Praising God for:  My daughter and her family; they are back in church and it makes my heart sing with joy!

I Am Wearing:  A very comfy, mis-matched pair of pj's:  a Betty Boop night shirt; a pair of warm bottoms with little Scottie dogs all over - believe me, they are comfy; and they both do have pink and gray and black!  And, let's not forget the crocs - those ugly, worn-out shoes that work just right for around the house!

I Am Creating:  This coming Friday and Saturday will be full of creating women, including myself!

First, on Friday we have our card swap; We made 21 of the same card to swap, which means I'll get 20 beautiful cards made by my friends!  Here are the cards I made (30 of them so I would  have extras; it's just as easy to make 30 as to make 21):

Photo by BJLondon

That same night, we have our "Ugly Paper" event; our theme is "Disney"!  We put together a "kit" for a scrapbook layout using papers we have no idea what to do with...that's why it's called "ugly"; but, you must know, there are no "ugly" Disney papers, or are there?!  Anyway, we swap the pages so we don't use our own; and the pages come out amazing!

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Then, on Saturday, another group of ladies will be making more Disney layouts.

All of the pages made next weekend will be auctioned off at the Puppy Crop (to be held April 1 - 4, 2016) to benefit Patriot Service Dogs...the very first time we did the live auction, we had real bidding wars; and some of the beautiful layouts went for as much as $40.00 and $50.00!!

live auction with a room full of crafty (and generous) ladies!  Sounds like FUN!

A Few Things for the Week:

Monday:  Staying home; laundry, cleaning, organizing and decluttering.

Tuesday:  Staying home; watching an online class for the Julie Nutting Prima dolls that I love; hope to learn some new ideas.  Then I have a Pastor Search committee meeting in the evening.

Wednesday:  Scrapbooking, working on making tags, cards and layouts using the Prima dolls I've already made.

Thursday:  Maybe another day at home; but no plans so far!  I do need to check out a couple of places to request raffle items for the Puppy Crop.

Friday and Saturday:  Check out the weekend schedule under "I Am Creating"!

I Am Wondering:  Where my "Word Wednesday" will lead me this week?  Thoughts in my head after reading my "Guideposts" magazine this morning; and then I found a "journaling" entry while I was decluttering...

...that's what we do, isn't it?!  It takes forever to get anything done because I have to stop and read or peruse the things I come across!!

I Am Reading:  Finished reading "Ruth - When Fairytales Come True" by Stephen Davey; also a short book I borrowed from my grandson, "Anthem" by Ayn Rand.

I just started reading C. S. Lewis' "Surprised by Joy"; not into it enough yet to share anything.

I Am Hoping:  This gorgeous weather sticks around for a while!  I will have to figure out something for us to do that will take us out of the apartment!

I Am Looking Forward to:  Scrapbooking this weekend; excited to see a few of my friends I don't see regularly, and the beautiful work they will create! 

I Am Learning:  I don't think I'll ever stop learning how to "live" with an older man who has dementia (Alzheimer's disease?) and a serious hearing problem, and is so ugly to me a lot of the times.

What I need to learn is to trust God and lean into Him when I need strength and patience and understanding.

I Am Hearing:  Since I haven't left the computer since hubby went for a walk, the TV is still on one of his shows.  I am getting ready to change that and relax while I eat breakfast, or at this late hour, brunch.

In My Kitchen:  Clothes in the washer and dryer; need to switch them over.  Dishes in the dishwasher...and dinner is in the freezer - simple and quick:  frozen fish fillets and french fries with biscuits.

I Am Pondering:  The following scripture I read in my one of my Guideposts magazines...

A Fave Scripture Thought:

Found on Pinterest
Shared by cberryonline.com

From the 'Net:  A friend shared this YouTube video this morning; and it made me cry tears of understanding:


And that finishes my Simple Woman's Daybook for this "extra" day in Leap Year.  Thank you for joining me again this week.

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