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Tuesday @ Ten - BELONG

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This week's word is Belong:

Growing up in a loving family, I knew where I belonged!

There are many who grow up in different types of family - or perhaps even with no family.

But, there are more people around us than just our family.

In school, sometimes it's hard to "fit in"; to belong.  And, many times, I felt as if I did not belong anywhere...

I wasn't in the "popular" group.  I wasn't in the "athletic" group.  I wasn't in the "academic" group.  I wasn't even in the "talented" group.

But, I was in my group!  I was in a group of friends that connected...a group where I could belong!  Perhaps we were neighbors; or we met and connected in one of our classes.  But, however we connected, we had fun together, whether a group having a party or a get-together, or just 2 or 3 of us.

I was brought up in the church; but we moved around a lot because of my father's military service.  So, I wasn't one who "grew up" in that church (whichever church we happened to be attending).

Even as an adult, I did not always feel as if I belonged to the church.  But, eventually, I did fit in!  I became part of the choir; I became part of the Christian Women's Fellowship.  I became part of the Sunday School class.

And later, when the time was right, I became a leader in the church; I became our group's leader.  I taught Sunday School!  I even led the church in worship as an Elder during a time when our church was without a minister.

I had a place where I belonged!

There were also times in my career that I felt I didn't belong.  Sometimes it's hard to have friends in the work place; and it's come to "bite me in the butt" at times!

Friends - or those I thought were friends - turned against me when it was more beneficial to them.  But I was able to find friends among those I worked with.

When you are with people so many hours of the day and week, it's hard not to connect and have friends.  But, I found the places I could fit in; the people I could connect with and hang with; and those I could trust.

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Now that I am retired, it's probably even harder to find a place to belong.  My former friends are still working; so we have to "schedule" our special times together - like, celebrating our Christmas in February!

And, though we still connect, it's just not always in the same ways.

Thankfully, before I even retired, I found a place where I can belong - through my love of scrapbooking and crafting.

I have connected with a number of wonderful women who also love to craft.  And, we have connected on another level through that crafting.  I {still} belong!

A few years ago I found another place where I can belong - through the online art of blogging!  I have connected with so many wonderful writers through a number of links and blogs, beginning with a challenge called "write 31 days", which I have completed the past two years in a row during the months of October.

I don't really dwell on whether I belong or I don't belong.  I know that I do belong!

And when I do think about it, I know that no matter where else  I may or may not belong, I will always belong to The One; and He will make sure the people I need to connect with are there, right where they need to be!

Yes, perhaps there have been "belonging" challenges throughout my life...but I have learned where I belong and to whom I belong.

Praying you know, too!

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