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Simple Woman's Daybook - February 8, 2016

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February 8, 2016

Outside My Window:  It is a beautiful sunny day; cool - chilly - for this Florida gal...temps in the mid-50's headed to mid-60's later; but it was the chilly wind that just about did me in!

 I am Thankful for:  My many friends who accept me, just as I am; who love me for who I am; and who bless me in so many ways, I'm not sure I can even begin to count the ways!

All I can do is say, "Thank you, God, for all the wonderful friends in my life.  I am truly blessed to have them."

In My Kitchen:  Dishwasher is running; a load of clothes in the washer; and the kitchen is somewhat clean.  And, leftovers for dinner!

I am Wearing:  A pair of jeans; a pink top; red and green fuzzy socks (yes, they are Christmas socks!); and yes, I am wearing my crocs!

I am Creating:  I have started making a tag for a challenge that uses two of the Prima doll stamps; hope to finish it this week and will post a photo.

I completed this one last week to send to a friend, but didn't want to post it until she had received it; so, here it is!

Photo by
BJ London

I am Thinking About:  How blessed I am with so many friends who really care about me...I wrote about how thankful I am under the prompt, "I am Thankful for".

I continue to think about the generosity of so many people surrounding me.  I am specifically thinking of those in particular who blessed me with "gifts" this past weekend: one who payed for me to attend a retreat in April and one who gave me several cartridges for my Cricut machine I use for scrapbooking; and another who gave me funds towards my retreat in July!  {It seems to be all about the scrapbooking; but, no, it is all about the friendships made through scrapbooking!

All I can do is say, "Thank you, God, for all the wonderful friends in my life.  I am truly blessed to have them."

I am Praying for:

  • The young man who crashed the truck he was driving into the car of a friend who was attending the retreat this past weekend.  Her car was parked in front of the room where she and another friend were sleeping; thankfully the post in front of the car stopped it from going into the room!  The young man was drunk, and the only one hurt, with a cut to his forehead.
  • My friend whose car was hit; all the fiasco she has to go through now to get her car back to Daytona where she lives, and have it fixed.
  • "Someone" at the retreat who "borrowed" several cartridges from a box on the "Yard Sale" table.  These belonged to the friend who gave the cartridges to me.  Apparently the "someone" thought they were there for the taking?!
  • Prayers for my grandson who will be playing his first Junior Varsity baseball game this afternoon!  He is happy to have gotten the number he wanted, #6 because it was the number used by Ryan Freel, a professional player he looks up to who died a short time ago.
Shayne showing off
the #6 on his baseball jersey...
or is he showing off his "bum"?

I am Going:  

  • Monday - grandson's 1st JV baseball game.
  • Tuesday - babysitting my 1 1/2 year old granddaughter and almost 3 year old grandson.
  • Wednesday - not sure!  Stay home and write?
  • Thursday - no place!?  Or maybe crafting?
  • Friday - leaving for Ocala, FL for a board/planning meeting for the Disciples' Women.
  • Saturday - meeting all day in Ocala; then returning home.
  • Sunday - Church and relaxing?

I am wondering:  If I need to take another break and slow down?  Really tired the past couple of weeks...

First, getting ready for the retreat and the meeting this weekend; now just trying to catch up on my rest since the retreat!

I am Reading:  "Fat Tuesday" by Sandra Brown; so far, it's good...I have read a number of her books and they're really good.

I am Excited for:  Being able to attend the Puppy Crop in April.  I was resigned to the fact that I would probably not be able to go...thank you, my friend, for blessing me with your generous gift!

I am Learning:  That I am a valued person; that many people care for and about me; that I should care for myself, too!

I am Hearing:  What else...the TV!

A Quote for Today:  

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Similar to the scripture thought, the Golden Rule, this quote also gives us ways we should treat others.

A Scripture Thought:  

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I am Pondering:  The above scripture from Matthew 7 tells us to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  To me, this means both the good and the bad things...

If I share my resources with a friend, they, in turn, share their resources with me.

But, at the same time, if my husband "yells" at me because he didn't hear me clearly...does that mean I am to respond by yelling back?

The answer to the first question may be "Yes"!  But the answer to the second on is a definite "No"!  Not very easy to do the second one, is it?!

Another week's post for Simple Woman's Daybook link has been completed...a few days late, but done!

Please join me next week for another look into my life!


  1. So fun reading about your life! One of these days I'm going to jump in with this Simple Woman's Day Book! Blessings!

    1. Thank you for reading, Gayle, and for your comment! Yes, join us!! I like doing this prompt because it sort of "consolidates" my life into one post...although I get a bit wordy on some of them at times!!


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