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Simple Woman's Daybook - February 22, 2016

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For Today
February 22, 2016

Outside My Window:  Another gorgeous, beautiful, sunny day with temps somewhere in the 60's!

I Am Thinking:  That Spring is just around the corner, and it's time for a little - a lot! - of spring cleaning around here!!

I Am Praising God for:  The words I find in His Word and other sources that can be used in my blog.  I am especially thankful that each week, prior to writing my post for my "Word of the Year", he gives me the inspiration from some of those sources! 

I Am Wearing:  A pair of jeans and a pink top; and, of course, my crocs!

I Am Creating:  Still working on the three projects that have deadlines!  And I hope to be able to work on some of the Prima dolls and add them to tags and scrapbook layouts.  I used one this weekend for a layout challenge and swap; and did not get to keep it - I knew our "eldest" scrapper wanted it... Ms. Mary (who is 90 years old), joins us for our special events and crops.

A Few Things for the Week:

Monday:  A quick trip to the store for prescriptions and milk; and to the bank.

Tuesday:  Staying home, baking brownies for our Pastor Search committee in the evening.

Wednesday:  Scrapbooking, either with my friends at our crafting place and joined by my daughter; or at my daughter's house.

Thursday:  Perhaps another day at home?  Or, if I don't get with my daughter on Wednesday, perhaps on Thursday?  She is trying to finish a project before their Disney cruise in March for Spring Break, and I've been helping her with it.

Friday and Saturday:  No set plans; but I may scrapbook one of these days to work on my projects.  Or, I have been wanting to go to St. Augustine lighthouse with the family; but not sure what their plans are.

And I just thought this was going to be a "slow" week!  I'm beginning to think my days are never "slow"!

I Am Wondering:  Now that the weather is nicer, planning a few outings for us, even if it's just my husband and I.  We need to get back to enjoying our retired life - together!  He is a "home-body" and would just as well stay home.  Me?  Nope!  I love to be busy, but NOT at home!

I Am Reading:  Finished reading "Fat Tuesday" by Sandra Brown last night.  Started reading a small book this morning that I picked up at church:  "Ruth - When Fairytales Come True" by Stephen Davey.

In the summary, the author states:  "I hope this love story motivates you to develop the depth of faith and character possessed by the title character; but more than that I hope you will rest more securely inthe arms of the Sovereign God who is directing each scene in your life story."

I Am Hoping:  To find some time to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having, with sunshine and pleasant temps.

I Am Looking Forward to:  A trip to Epcot in Orlando, FL with a few of my friends for their Flower and Garden Festival!

Epcot in Orlando, FL
I have never been to Epcot!  Living in Florida since 1980, that would be a crime, wouldn't it?  But, the finances of a blended family did not include Epcot or Disney, or most of the other parks.  We did get to go to Universal and Sea World on discounted tickets when I worked for the bank.

I Am Learning:  Just learning to relax and enjoy my life; and try to over-look the verbal "abusiveness" from my husband.  It may be the "dementia" talking; but it still hurts!

I Am Hearing:  The TV is on one of the older shows - "Matlock", I think.  Hubby likes watching the older shows!!

In My Kitchen:  A dirty floor!!  Dishes are put away from the dishwasher, then dirty ones loaded.  Clothes were washed late last week, so nothing really needs to be washed yet.  So, guess I'd better head to the kitchen and get that floor done while I am home!

I Am Pondering:  The loyalty of Ruth; am I loyal, as Ruth was to Naomi?  Or to Boaz?  I think I am loyal...pondering that thought.

A Fave Scripture Thought:  

From the book I just started about Ruth -

A Fave Quote:  Again from the book I just started reading, "Ruth - When Fairytales Come True", in the chapter "Decisions...Decisions":

"The decisions you make today will ultimately determine how you live tomorrow.  Today, you are either becoming more gracious or more cynical; more selfish or more giving; more positive or more pessimistic.

"You are either a vulture or an eagle.  A vulture sets his sights on decaying remains below him; but the eagle focuses upward as it majestically rides the wind.  The primary difference is where they keep their gaze.

"You and I have an objective today and it is to choose who we're becoming - are we choosing to soar above or to drift below?  Remember this truth as you make choices:

"the decisions you make will ultimately make you."

From the 'Net:  My friend, Susan, who is co-founder of Patriot Service Dogs posted this link to a great story about PSD;  you can find it here.

This company, Flagology, shared this story about the non-profit organization I support.  We have a retreat coming up April 1 - 4, 2016 and would appreciate your consideration of donating either funds (cash); gift cards for businesses; products, restaurants, etc.; or gift baskets to be raffled off at the retreat.

The retreat is held in Jacksonville, FL and attended by crafters from near and far.  We also have some of the dogs-in-training stop by, or even staying at the hotel along with their raisers...and sometimes even a vet or two may stop by with their service dog.

This is Jerry;
I had the pleasure of rooming with
him and his raiser, Janet

If you wish to make a donation, visit their website at Patriot Service Dogs.  If you choose to donate through their secure website, please mention my name so it will count towards my fund-raising efforts.

Thank you for reading and considering a donation; and, you are more than welcome to share this information.

Thank you for joining me again this week for The Simple Woman's Daybook.


  1. As always, Barbara, your life is so full and amazing! Absolutely enjoyable!

    1. Thank you Helen! I think sometimes my life may be tooooo full; yet, I do love my life!


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