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Simple Woman's Daybook - February 1, 2016

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February 1, 2016

Outside My Window:  A beautiful spring day...wait!  It's not spring; it's winter...well, winter in Florida can be like a spring day!  In fact, today the temp will be in the 70's - the mid-70's, I think!

And, I love it!

 I am Thankful for:  A beautiful spring day!  The weather is gorgeous; and I am inside cleaning, doing laundry, and getting things ready for my weekend...oh, well!  At least I can stop and relax when I want. 

In My Kitchen:  Dishes are done, in the dishwasher; floor has been swept and now needs to be mopped; first load in the washer, ready for the dryer and second load...

A pot of soup - that's what's for dinner!  Hubby has decided he wants soup, even though the temp will be nice and warm today.  But, I don't mind; a bowl of potato soup and cornbread sounds quite good for dinner...quick and easy!

I am Wearing:  A pair of jeans and a white top with purple flowers and green leaves; and of course, my crocs are on my feet - imagine that! 

I am Creating:  I created a cute Prima doll the last time I was scrapbooking, and put her onto a tag that I made as a thank you for a freind.  I'd post it; but that friend may see it before I can get it sent!!

I am Thinking About:  A few "errands" I need and/or want to do before leaving for the retreat on Friday:
  • Make a deposit for our women's fellowship; and "cash in" all my coins I've been saving.
  • Go to Michaels for supplies!  Wednesday is "Senior Day" with 20% off entire purchase.  I have a gift card to spend, so...
  • Pick up a few things at Publix; I am making egg salad for sandwiches at the retreat...one way to save is to bring my own lunch stuff; breakfast will be at the hotel.
  • Finish "organizing" what I am taking with me.  I always bring soooo much; but I don't want to run out of projects to work on!  Of course, there is always socializing, talking, eating, and just having FUN.
  • Pack my clothes and other essentials; that is way easier than packing the scrapbooking stuff!
  • RELAX so I can enjoy the weekend coming up!

I am Praying for:
  • A friend's mother who is in the hospital; she is almost 90 years old (if not over 90).
  • Our on-line friend Andrew.
  • Our church and the Pastor Search committee; and my insight as I read the most recent profiles we received.
  • Another friend's mother-in-law who has been ill for some time; she has recently flown medical transport with her to a facility up north.
  • All of the family affected by the shootings and killings and violence in our city...in our country.
God, you know these needs, and others that have not been mentioned.  Please be near those in need; comfort, strengthen, provide what is needed.  You alone can provide...

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I am Going:  

  • Today?  No place!
  • Tomorrow?  Our Pastor Search committee meeting at 6:30 pm...no place else (that I know of)!
  • Wednesday is probably when I'll do most of the above errands; then babysitting around 3:30 pm.
  • Thursday, last minute things like laundry, fixing up my hubby's meds, etc.; and
  • Friday, leave around 9:30 am for the 1-hour drive to the retreat.

I am wondering:  If all of this "stuff" will fit in my car - including my desk chair?!  And, that's a real problem!

What can I leave at home?  Hmmm...

I am Reading:  Finished reading "Girl Meets Change" by Kristen Strong...loved it!

I haven't decided what book I'll read next; will probably wait until after this retreat to choose one.

But I will be checking out Barbie Swihart's blog from the book study she has been doing on this book; check it out here.

I am Excited for:  Need I - dare I - say it?  The retreat!!

I am Learning:  Recently I shared a "God moment" on a post from an online friend; she responded:

"Wonderful!  God is good to us even in the small everyday moments."

To which I responded:

"I am learning - or should I say re-learning!  This journey; He is always there - in the Big Stuff and in the little stuff!  Amen!

That is what I am re-learning!

I am Hearing:  "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network...I love that show...in fact, I love cupcakes!

A Quote for Today:  "You can't walk out of a drive-in theater!"

For some reason, this quote from Danny on the live showing of "Grease" last night really stuck.

It's a funny thought, isn't it?  Kind of makes me think of some of our life situations, doesn't it!  Perhaps?!

A Scripture Thought: I am sharing the scripture that came to me in church yesterday.  I used this scripture in my Word Wednesday for this week, "Sweet Joy".

"Taste and see that the Lord is good.  Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!"  (Psalms 34:8 NLT).

I am Pondering:  I have been pondering the above scripture from the Psalms, my favorite book in the Bible!

Whatever "sweet joy" we may encounter, His is so much more than we could ever imagine!

Thank you, God, for your "sweet joy".

And, thank you for reading this week's Simple Woman's Daybook.  Please join me next week for another look into my Day!


  1. Spring! I can't wait for it to come this year! Have a great week :)

    1. Yes, I am so happy our "cold" weather has gone...but, well, it may get cold - cool - again; but always happy when it warms up...a little! NOT a fan of the HOT HOT HOT weather!

      Hope you have an awesome week; and thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Oh my goodness! Michaels has a senior day? Why did I never think to ask? I must be in denial. Oh well. I learned something new today. Soup sounds great. That's my nextt task today.

    1. I'm not sure how often Michaels has their Senior Day; but I was happy to hear about it...especially now that I have my gift card to use!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I'm so jealous of your spring weather!! Potato soup is one of my favorites. But the kiddos, not so much!! We don't have a Michaels when I live. Or a Joann Fabrics. I feel so abused!! Have a wonderful week! My Taco soup is in the crockpot

    1. Oh, don't be jealous, Paula!! Yes, I LOVE potato soup; but also love the taco soup! I have a recipe for the taco soup but haven't tried it yet...enjoy yours!

      Sorry you don't have a Michaels or even a Joann Fabrics. Do you have any of the craft/hobby stores in your area?? We also have A. C. Moore and Hobby Lobby. The only "small business" craft store is call A Small Cleverness; and they sell stamps, papers, and all kinds of embellishments for scrapbooking and other paper crafts...my passion of course!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! Hope your week is awesome!

  4. It was Spring like here in MI too... not in the 70's, but I will take the 40's any day in Feb! The retreat sounds like fun! Have a great week!

    1. Yes, Jodi, I'm sure if the weather is a bit warmer than norm...yes, glad we can enjoy some reprieve! I'm not a fan of the really hot weather we get during the summer and can tolerate the cold of winter, most of the time!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...hope you continue to enjoy your "spring" weather!

  5. Barbara, thank you so much for the prayers!

    I love the Scripture you selected...and I envy you the weather!

    The wind chill today was in the teens, and the zipper on my jacket broke. I was wearing 3 or 4 shirts. I lost count.

    1. Oh my, sorry about your COLD weather with wind chill...yikes! That is what gets me is the wind whenever we do get cold weather...it just goes way through anything we wear and is just COLD!!

      Sorry about the zipper on your jacket! That would be bad; and 3 or 4 shirts may not help either!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting to the post; always keep you both in my prayers, personally and corporately (at church, etc.)


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