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My Word of the Year for 2016 is JOY!  Each week I will share a "Word Wednesday" post as I discover the JOY in my life that has been revealed to me during the week.  Please join me during this year-long journey...

This week's title is, "Tears of Joy"... 

There are many reasons we may shed tears...

A baby cries out in pain, or hunger, or maybe they just want to be held.  It is their way of communicating their needs.

A toddler cries out when they have fallen, or when they do not want to go to sleep, or when a toy has been taken away from them.

Older children cry when they get hurt, whether physically or when their feelings are hurt in some way.

Teenagers cry when they are shunned or ignored or someone has broken off a relationship.

And, adults cry too...

When my cat recently - accidentally, of course - scratched me on the face, I cried!  Boy!  Did it hurt to have those "too-sharp" claws drawn across my face!

Even Jesus wept!  In John 11:35, Jesus wept for the loss of his friend, Lazarus.

This statue, "And Jesus Wept", stands as a remembrance of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  We all cried tears of anger and hurt and loss.

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Another reason we may shed tears: when we have lost a loved one.

But, this post is titled, "Tears of Joy"...

Those tears shed when something makes you happy, or proud, or just overwhelmed with emotions!

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There have been many times in my life when the tears just rolled down my face.  As a teenager, my girlfriends and I would laugh and giggle so hard; and usually couldn't even remember what had made us laugh.  One time, we were laughing so hard, the red cool-aid we were drinking spewed out of out mouths!

And the times when my children or grandchildren make me laugh so hard that...

Oh, yes that kind of laughter.  It starts with a good, hardy laugh; then comes the "snort" and perhaps hiccups; and then, here it comes...

Yes, tears of joy!

I have also been over-whelmed with the love and generosity of friends who have gifted me with things.

Most recently I was gifted with having my fee paid for a Puppy Crop that I was not planning to attend (because of the costs involved).

When I was told of this generous gift, I cried and could not contain my joy.  Once I had shed the last tear - or so I thought! - I went to the person (she was not anonymously donating the funds) and cried all over again!

She was unable to attend and wanted to gift me with the funds so that I could go.  "I know your struggles; I follow your blog and your Facebook," she told me, as we hugged and I cried once again!

At the beginning of my post, I shared a number of reasons for our tears; I hope you have more of the "tears of joy" than those of sadness, hurt, loss and of sorrow.

I pray you - like this image - see "more tears of joy and happiness," instead.

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Share with me in the comments your tears, whether of joy or sadness...we can {hug} each other and share together!

One last image I couldn't leave out...

An emoji sharing "tears of joy!"


  1. I love this, Barbara!

    I shed tears of joy whenever I look at the dogs here...who were hours from being killed.

    And now they are happy, with their adopted brothers and sisters. And their people, too!

    1. Yes, Andrew! What a wonderful thing you did to adopt your "side-kicks" who were so close to being killed!! A definite happy reason for tears! I appreciate your reading my post and commenting!


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