Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - CARE

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This week's word is:  CARE

"I don't care!"

Words that come easily...whether the slight answer to, "What do you want for dinner?"; or a real attitude of not caring about a situation or person.

Not to make this a negative post; but there are times I really don't care!

What will we watch on TV tonight?  I really don't care!  There are certain shows I enjoy watching, but my husband does not.

But, there are also shows that he enjoys that I do not.

And, then there are those we actually watch together!

My life doesn't revolve around a television show.  Most of them I can watch later with Comcast Cable's "On Demand" feature.  And, if I don't catch it, what have I really lost?  An hour or so?!

There are plenty of things I can do instead of sitting in front of a television...though, there are days when that is all I want to do!

But, truly...I do care!

I care about many things:
  • I care about how my "work" looks to others;  I know I'm not as good of a crafter as some of the ladies I craft with; but, I do it because I love to craft!  And, most of the time, I am happy with what I have created.
  • I care about what people think about me, my thoughts, ideas, opinions...but, really, why?!
  • I care about my "children" and grandchildren; my brothers and their families; my "distant" relatives, as in...they live further away than my brothers and we don't see them often  -  or ever!
  • I care about my friends!
  • I care about my online friends; not really a different category of friends, just to make sure you all know I include you in "friends"!
  • I care about my cat, Midnight!
  • I care about how I look...well, not really!  I am who I am and I don't have the funds to dress any other way; or to have hair that shines a beautiful color rather than the dull gray!  But, I am neat and clean and...ME.
  • I care about what I watch on TV...even though I said above that I really didn't care what we watched, I refuse to watch the OLD Black/White shows that seem sooooo ancient now!  And, I refuse to watch movies that have filth, and vulgarity, and cursing...no thanks!
  • I care about...as I said, "many things"!

So, saying that I don't care is really not the truth, since I obviously DO care.  But, at this age, I'm not running my life the way "others" think I should.  I am not a bad person; I don't do bad things.  And, if I am not living my life as others feel I should, then...well, perhaps they can join me because I happen to love the life I am currently living!

Could it be better?  Perhaps!  But, I don't care that I don't have all the things that seem to be missing in my life.  I have what I need; and I have those around me that I do care about!

And, I guess that's my post on "Care"!  It didn't quite go the way I originally thought, as in my being a "care"giver; but here it is!

So, if you feel as if nobody cares about you, just remember there is one who cares for you no matter what!
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