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Tuesday @ Ten - TIME

Because I will be out of town the first few days of the week, and really busy this weekend getting ready for that mini road trip, I wanted to link up with my friend, Karen before the time gets away from me!  So, here I am...

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This week's prompt is:  TIME

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There are only 24 hours in each day!  That's all...

Nothing new there, but how do we use that time?

Well, however we use it, time still seems to fly away from us, leaving us wondering what we did just yesterday.

Just yesterday, my grandson was turning 4 years old and we were taking him to Disney World to celebrate!

Shayne and MeMaw

That's right!  It was 2003...just yesterday!

Now, he is 16 years old, a Sophomore in High School and an amazing young man - not that I am partial or anything!

Shayne and MeMaw

Yes!  Time really flies - when you are having fun!  Time flies when you look back at what was and look to what is...

I see it in all of my grandchildren; not just this one!  Since those days in 2003, I now am the proud "MeMaw" to six grandchildren: 2 girls {the oldest 18 and the youngest almost 2}; and 4 boys {the oldest 16, almost 8, 5, and 3}.  Fortunately, all but one (my oldest granddaughter) live in the same town I do.

I see it in how my life has changed over the past few years...

How do we stop time?  Actually, we don't stop it!  We use it to the fullest!

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We are given 24 hours in one day; what will we choose to do with those 24 hours?

I choose to live them to the fullest - and anyone that reads very many of my posts will know that I fulfill that choice!

In my retirement, I want to do as much as I possibly can to enjoy it...

Though how that will play out will greatly change as my husband's dementia worsens.  But, being available to do things with him will allow him to enjoy his retirement!

So, whatever I do with the time I have been given, I choose to enjoy it!

How about you?

These are the thoughts I have on Time...and time really does fly away in a heartbeat.

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  1. I know how you feel about the grandkids growing up so quickly! My oldest grandson just turned 18 on April 9th! It is bittersweet for me. He will be graduating next month, and leaving for the Navy in August. I am proud of him, and so happy for him, but yet, I want him to still be that little babe I held in my arms. I have 8, almost 9 grandchildren, and just cherish the time that they are still young.


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