Thursday, September 29, 2016


Today for my "Word Wednesday" post, I am excited - and honored - to share the joy of a new book that launched on Monday!!

And, not only is this shared joy a "double joy", it is a "150 times or more" joy!!

The "Five Minute Friday" Book released on Monday, September 26th!  

This collection of stories from the FMF Family is an amazing compilation of over 150 contributors - and is the first in the history of the Five Minute Friday community!

And, I am honored to be one of the 150 contributors.

Though I am familiar with many of the names of contributors from the "write31days" challenge and the weekly Five Minute Friday posts, there are still many new writers I am getting to know through their words in the book.

Each of the posts included in the book have been shared during a Five Minute Friday weekly link-up, or during a "write31days" annual challenge.

What is Five Minute Friday? you ask.  It's a weekly link-up where a word prompt is given at 10:00 pm (EST), and everyone participating writes their post using that word ... in only five minutes!

That's right!!  Only five minutes, no editing, no worries about grammar or sentence structure or  ... even making sense!!

In the Forward of the FMF book, Lisa-Jo Baker confesses that it took her more than five minutes to write the forward ... well, I also must confess to "running out of time" before "running out of words" during many of the Five Minute Friday posts I have written!!  But, that is quite alright!

Just imagine hundreds of people writing a post using the same word prompt.  The posts could go in so many directions; and, then again, they could almost mimic each other!  And that's what makes this challenge so ... challenging!

The Five Minute Friday word prompt idea joined with the write31days challenge in October 2014, using the free writes word prompt for each day's post.  This year will be my second year to join the FMF family and the third year of participating in the 31 days challenge.   

I, personally, am so very thankful to Kate Motaung and Susan Shipe for their hard work in getting the book put together and published ... and for the FMF link-up and Facebook "survivor" group!  Check out this group 31 Day Survivors/We're Better Together - a virtual "support group" for those of us who have "survived" the 31 day challenges!

I am also excited to announce that the proceeds from sales of the FMF book will be supporting two ministries in South Africa:

Be sure to check out these ministries at the links above; and order your copy of the "Five Minute Friday" book at Amazon.

So, pick up your pen and paper, or sit down at your computer and write on!  You might even be encouraged to join the FMF family!!


  1. I am so looking forward to reading this book, and linking up again with Five Minute Fridays beginning in November (well, I will be using the words for my challenge so I guess in October).

    1. Yes, we will be sharing the same words in our October 31 Days!!! I am excited and also looking forward to checking out everyone's blogs; and hope that I can continue the FMF weekly posts even after October!

      Thank you for continuing to read and comment, and encourage, Barbie!!

  2. Such a fun post and book. Susan put so much love into laboring fthis book.

  3. Great testimony for and description of FMF, Barbara.

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