Friday, January 9, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Welcome

Kate took a break from Five Minute Fridays for a couple of weeks during the holidays!  Perhaps a lot of bloggers did, too!  I have missed linking up with Kate and all the other FMFers; and look forward to more words in the new year!  Join us for the FMF Party!

Today's word is:  WELCOME




Step into my home...

You will find it is very much like the sign you see here!

We are a happy bunch!  We do crazy things; but we have a lot of fun!  And having fun means we are quite loud...and perhaps a little messy, too...

but you will find we have a caring and loving home; a special place we call "our own".

My home wouldn't be found in "Better Homes and Gardens" or any of those types of magazines.  It certainly isn't a vision of elegance or luxury.

More often than not - my home would be in desperate need of a cleaning; or organizing; or de-cluttering - any and all would certainly be an improvement.

But, I'll put all of that aside and just open my door and welcome you in with open arms and a "Hello!  I am sooooo happy to have to stop by.  Come, let's share a glass of tea (or a cup of coffee) and catch up on the news!"

Yes, you are more than welcome to drop by any time!

Thanks for dropping by...


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