Monday, January 26, 2015

RJD Day 16 Prompt - Every Picture Tells a Story

Sharing Day 16 of Random Journal Day's "21 Days of Journaling in January".  The fun with Dawn and all the bloggers has actually ended; but since I am still behind, I will continue to post until I am finished!

The prompt for Day 16 is "Every Picture Tells a Story" with several ways to write (or draw!) using the ideas Dawn has shared on her site -

I found this picture browsing quotes, pictures and other things on Pinterest...

Photo Credit
seyed mostafa zamini
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So, my task is to write with this picture in mind...

Standing in the open doorway, just above the stairs in front of me, my mind wanders to what may lie beyond the door.

The stone is cold to my touch as I slowly begin to climb...

One step -

     Two steps -

          Three steps -

               Four steps -

Pausing briefly, I turn to beckon my friend to follow me up the stairs...

Hesitation doesn't get the mystery solved;

so, I continue...

Five steps -

     Six steps -

          Seven steps -

               Eight steps -

Almost to the top of the stairs...

What will I find on the other side of that doorway?

Don't we sometimes spend our lives that way?  Afraid of taking a step into the unknown of our life - what God has led us to that we have no idea where it will lead us?

"Who are those who fear the Lord?
He will show them the path they should choose."
Psalms 25:12 (NLT)

We do not need to fear what is on the other side of that doorway; because God is there with us.  He will show us the right path we should take -

even if it brings us through an unknown doorway!

So, I continue...

Nine steps -

     Ten steps -

And behold the beauty of the garden and the courtyard where I sat and prayed...

Well, I didn't really find that doorway or the beautiful courtyard garden...

but, I found a quiet spot to sit and think and meditate and write; and I found that peace that comes only from God!

Thank you, God, for a beautiful place of peace!  And for leading me to and through the doorway!


  1. Love your writing! Love the last quote too.....(I'd love to spend a quiet few hours in that garden!)

    1. Doesn't it look very inviting!? Wish I had this in my back yard; but unfortunately it is just a picture found on Pinterest!!! I did find some quiet at the pool this afternoon after my errands...nobody was there; all I heard were distant voices, the birds, traffic on the road about a mile from the apartment, and a plane flying over head. But it gave me some quiet from the TV and the things at the apartment that I needed to be doing!!

      And, I am writing more - finally! - and getting caught up on the "21 Days..." which I want to finish!! I have about 5 more posts; but only 3 or 4 of them will be posted; the others will be written in my journal!

      As always, thank you for your sweet comments!! They encourage me to keep on...


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