Monday, January 12, 2015

RJD Day 6 Prompt - Rewriting Scripture

Once again I am behind with my "21 Days of Journaling in January" with Dawn for Random Journal Days.  Sharing a bit of Scripture that I have "rewritten"...

Psalm 6:1-10

1 Lord, don't be angry
and reprimand me,
or punish me in your rage.

2 I am fading fast and
need you to be gentle with me.
O Lord, I need your healing, 
for I am shaking with fear.

3 Fear touches my soul, 
yet you, O Lord...
how long will you wait
to come to my rescue?

4 Return to me, O Lord,
and save my life,
for your love is constant.

5 How can I remember you
in my death;
in the depths of Hell,
who gives you praise?

6 My cries to you every night
make me tired;
my tears soak my bed;
even my couch is soaked
with my tears.

7 Grief steals my eyes
and they grow weak
because of my enemies.

8 Leave me alone,
you evil-doers!
The Lord hears my cries;

9 He hears my prayers
and accepts them.

10 My enemies will be disgraced;
they will be attacked with terror
and turn away;
and will feel ashamed.

Several years ago, I started a "journal" using the Psalms and rewriting them as verse or Calls to Worship for Church.  I only completed Psalms 1 through 5 and a few others out of order; then I stopped...

So, when I read the prompt for Day 6, I decided to rewrite the next Psalm in my journal - how ironic it was Psalm 6 for Day 6!!

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