Wednesday, January 7, 2015


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Today's word is PEACE...

that ever-elusive state of being!

Webster's Student Dictionary defines Peace as "(a) state of not being at war; (b) calm/quiet."

When I seek Peace, I seek the calm and quiet times I can breathe in God's nature; when I can let everything around me go, and just sit, focusing on my thoughts, my heart, my soul - pondering God's word and listening for His voice.

Those are the best times for finding that which we seek - Peace...

But, Peace is within us, not without; not the surroundings of calm or quiet.  We can feel Peace even in the midst of the world around us - the noisy chaotic world around us!

Inside, deep within - that's where Peace is found - that Peace we have been given by God.

I find myself looking for that Peace quite often.  And many times, it is the Peace of calm and quiet that I think is what I am seeking; yet, I know there is no need to seek that Peace which passes ALL understanding...

for it is already there - deep deep inside our souls!  Right where God has placed it for us...

Many times the Peace we seek is that which comes with the absence of - or the release from - pain and illness.

Sometimes that Peace is found once you have left this earthly home, and joined your Father in Heaven.

Today as we link up with Karen Beth for Tuesday @ Ten - our hearts grieve with her in the loss of her mother early this morning.  Prayers are with Karen Beth and her family today and the days that follow as they share memories of their beloved one who now is in the arms of Jesus.

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