Wednesday, January 14, 2015

RJD Day 7 Prompt - Food for Life

Sharing Day 7 of Random Journal Day's 21 "Days of Journaling in January" - 
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The prompt for Day 7 gives me the unlimited budget to create my own Cooking Show!

WOW - to have an unlimited budget!!

I am not a good cook; I don't even like to cook...


I LOVE to watch the cooking shows on Food Network:

Love to watch "Giada at Home", "Trisha Yearwood", the "Barefoot Contessa", and others shows I watch off and on!

The shows I like best are the "competitions", like "Worst Cooks in America" - that would be me; or "Cupcake Wars" and "Chopped"!  And I love "Guy's Grocery Games" - I could just picture myself running around the grocery store looking for the ingredients...

Most ingredients they talk about on those shows I have never heard of; and some of the dishes they prepare...I would never consider cooking them (like squid or octopus; or once on Chopped there was this ugly blue fish!).

And the recipes call for so many different spices and ingredients that the average (or below average?) person doesn't even have on their shelves!  At least, I don't have them...

I do OK getting a decent meal put together; but no gourmet stuff for me!

So, given an unlimited budget, and if I were to create my own show, I think it would be featuring "down-to-earth, quick and easy recipes" that would help those struggling diabetes and wanting to eat the right foods.  That doesn't sound so hard to do...but

I struggle with this -

I struggle with what foods I should eat versus the foods I want to eat...the sweets, starches, sodas - all things I love and want to keep eating.  But, for my health, I know I need to watch what I eat; and eat it in the right amounts.

That just about sums up what I'd have in a cooking show...

Nothing fancy!


if I did have unlimited funds to spend on it...

perhaps I'd just hire someone to do the cooking for me!!

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