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RJD Day 4 Prompt - My Fairytale

Sharing Day 4 of Random Journal Day's 21 "Days of Journaling in January" - Check it out here and join the fun!

According to, a fairytale is:
  1. "a story, usually for children, about elves, hobgoblins, dragons, fairies or other magical creatures."
  2. "an incredible or misleading statement, account, or belief: "His story of being  a millionaire is just a fairytale."

This is my fairytale, and it may not even include any of these creatures!

But, then again...

You never know where my mind will wander - 

so, here begins my fairytale...

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess named Arabrab.  She lived in a beautiful cottage by a beautiful stream near a beautiful forest in the Land of Adirolf.
{Everything in the Land of Adirolf is "beautiful"; or is it?}

by Thomas Kinkade
1958 - 2013
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Early one morning Princess Arabrab galloped into the forest on her pony, Dimthgin - a beautiful black pony with a long-flowing tail and mane.

After galloping for a while, Arabrab slowed Dimthgin down to a trot.  They continued deeper into the forest, sometimes trotting and sometimes galloping.

After a while, they came upon a beautiful brook.

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Princess Arabrab was quite thirsty, and guided Dimthgin down to the brook.  Arabrab kneeled down to take a deep drink of the clear delicious water; and Dimthgin lowered her snout to the edge of the brook and also took a deep drink.

Feeling a bit weary, Arabrab sat beneath a beautiful tree, and closed her eyes to the beautiful bright sunshine...
{Remember, everything is beautiful in Adirolf!}

Opening her eyes a few minutes later - well, it seemed only a few minutes to Arabrab! - she found herself in semi-darkness.  The beautiful sunshine had disappeared, and...

What was that sound?  It was like a swoosh swooshing...

Was it the wind?  No!

Arabrab could not believe her eyes...

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All of the trees in the forest were swaying back and forth...

moving in a perfect dance - the dance of the trees!

Arabrab listened intently, hearing sounds coming closer and closer to where she continued to sit.

The sounds she heard were of birds singing or tweeting; crickets chirping; even bull frogs croaking; and many other sounds she couldn't identify...

Together the sounds made the most beautiful melody; and Arabrab could almost make out words to the beautiful music she heard...

Wake up, Little Princess
and come along,
listen to the music
of our happy song!

Wake up, Little Princess
can you not hear
the beautiful sound
filling the air?

Wake up, Little Princess
your Prince awaits...
ready to ride away
and with you escape.


Did they say - "Escape?"

What was this all about, anyway?

All of a sudden, the whole forest lit up...

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Thousands of fairy lights twinkled in the branches of the trees. Their beautiful light shone so brightly, Princess Arabrab had to shield her eyes.  She was mesmerized and could not move from where she had been sitting.

And then it happened...

Out from the forest and the twinkling fairy lights rode a beautiful brown horse; his rider was tall and wore a crown of gold with purple, red and yellow stones shining in the fairy lights.

Who was this tall, handsome - beautiful! - man?

Arabrab gasped as the Prince rode closer and closer to where she continued to sit.  Arabrab was so awestruck by his beauty, she couldn't move or speak.

As the Prince held his hand out to Arabrab, she looked up and asked...

"Who are you?"

He answered, "Prince Trebor, of the Land of Adirolf; and who are you?"

Arabrab answered meekly, "I am Princess Arabrab of the Land of Aigroeg.  I live in the Land of Adirolf near the stream called 'Beautiful Stream'.  I have been searching for the way back to Aigroeg.  You are the first who has come to find me.  I have been gone from the Cottage for many years now."

"Come with me," said the Prince, "and I will take you where you want to go."

Arabrab held her hand out to the Prince and he lifted her easily from the tree that had held her as its prisoner.  For although Arabrab felt she had only been sitting there for a short while, she had, indeed, been sitting there for many years -

Waiting for her Prince to come and carry her home!

And, of course, they lived beautifully ever after!!
{because everything is beautiful in Adirolf!}

Now, I must confess:

After reading the prompt for today, my first thoughts were: I do not know how to write a fairytale!  I am not a romantic!

But, as I lay in bed trying to sleep, I kept thinking of the type of story or fairytale I could come up with.

Perhaps because I have been reading C. S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, my mind started forming this story - be it a fairytale or just an ordinary romantic meeting in the is my fairytale!

I accomplished the Prompt for today!  So,


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