Tuesday, January 6, 2015

One Hundred Posts!!

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I have waited ALL DAY to be able to write this post!!

My 100th Blog Post...

When I first created my blog in September 2014, I was just "playing around" with the creating part of it...

Two of my friends had told me about their blogs they use to share scrapbooking layouts, or craft projects; and I thought it would be FUN to create one a blog for myself -

for what, I didn't know - at the time!

So, my very first post, titled "OK, So Here Goes", started with this sentence:

"Not really sure what I am doing; but here goes!!!"

I wasn't even sure why I created a blog except to see if I could do it!!

And then...

I read a post about write31days.com - a challenge to write about a specific subject for the 31 days of October.  After giving it considerable thought, I decided to join this group of bloggers; and chose to use "31 Days of Dementia's Demands" as my topic...

So, using some journaling that I had previously done plus some poetry that I had written, and lots of research from the book I read on dementia and caregiving, and Internet searches - 

I jumped into this challenge without knowing whether or not I could (or would) even finish...

much less have anybody even interested enough to read what I wrote!

Did I finish all 31 days - yes, I did!

And I felt proud of myself for accomplishing what I started out to share...

Did I have any readers?


And I was so surprised to read comments that were so encouraging and uplifting - and...

they actually liked what I wrote!!

There weren't thousands or even hundreds of likes or reads or followers; but there were readers; and their comments were so encouraging, I continued writing even after the 31 days of October ended.

During the time I was writing for the write31days challenge, I was also invited to guest post twice in November - The Face of a Caregiver was posted on The Imperfect Caregiver; and Caring for a Spouse with Vascular Dementia was posted on  blessedbutstressed.com.

After that period of writing, I slowed down for a while; but I soon found other ways to participate with other bloggers by using word prompts and other prompted writing.  I am currently participating in (or have recently participated in) the following:

Blogmas 2014

Five Minute Friday

Tuesday @ Ten

The Simple Woman's Daybook

There are  a few new link-ups that I will be following as we move into 2015 - and I start counting my next 100 posts!

I hope you will continue to follow by blog - your "likes" are appreciated and your "comments" encourage me to continue writing!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for reading and sharing...I have "met" so many new friends through blogging - and am going to continue writing!

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