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Simple Woman's Daybook - January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW - The sun is shining; a light breeze and just under 50 degrees.  A beautiful Florida day in January!

I AM THANKFUL - For time spent with my two daughters and sons-in-love; and with my growing grandsons and granddaughter.  I am thankful for my son and daughter-in-love and granddaughter, but wish we lived closer so we could see them more than just once or twice a year!

IN THE KITCHEN - Dishes to be washed; dishes to be put away!  A pot of potato soup in the fridge for dinner later this evening.

I AM WEARING - Crocs, jeans and a long-sleeve flowered shirt; my comfy attire for doing chores today - later, after I post this!!

I AM CREATING - Pages for a page swap in two weeks; the same ones I wrote about last week - but they are not DONE yet...I tend to do things as they need to be done!  The football themed pages were needed for this past Saturday; so now I can work exclusively on the Spring pages!

I AM GOING - As tends to be my usual for Mondays, I am going no where today so I can get some computer work done: treasurer's report for a meeting on Saturday; information for taxes; writing blog posts I am behind on...

I AM WONDERING - Is writing this Simple Woman's Daybook every week becoming boring?  Am I repeating the same things each time I post one?  If you have an opinion, please post in a comment!  I really am wondering this since I seem to be doing the same things over and over - that is my life though!!

I AM READING - "The Last Battle", Book #7 in the Chronicles of Narnia series.  I should be into another book by next Monday; not sure what I will read next!

I AM HOPING - For a relaxing week...

I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO - A scrapbooking retreat in two weeks!!  Although it is in town and I don't stay over-night at the hotel, I stay late cropping (crafting) with my friends and then go home to sleep (I live about 5 minutes away from the hotel!).

I AM LEARNING - To use my hand-written journaling as a place to put my thoughts and ideas for my poetry and blog posts; where I can go to "vent" when feeling down or depressed or frustrated; and where I can also "doodle" or draw a picture or two (I am not an artist) to express my thoughts!  Thank you, Dawn, for a great post about journaling!  Want to read it?  Go here and read "Journal Keeping, Writer's Block and Perfectionism".

I AM HEARING - Absolutely nothing but the buzzing of the ceiling fan and the occasional horn honking at the car dealership behind our apartment!

AROUND THE HOUSE - My scrapbooking stuff in the living room where my hubby put it when he brought it up from the car (after my crafting time on Saturday)!  A few things still on the dining room table that need to be put away.  My "coloring" supplies on the small chair beside the couch (I use them to "wind down" in the evenings, especially if I am tired and don't want to fall asleep while watching TV).

I AM PONDERING - The words of our pastor's sermon yesterday titled "Are you Hearing or Fearing the Call?"

A FAVE QUOTE FOR TODAY - "When things go wrong, you'll find they usually go on getting worse for some time; but when things once start going right, they often go on getting better and better."  From "The Magician's Nephew", book #6 of the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis.

ONE OF MY FAVE THINGS - My cat!  A cat is a thing; a noun...and as my 6 year old grandson told me the other day, "a noun is a person, place or thing", so I can say my cat is my fave thing!!

How can you run this sweet thing off your bed in the mornings??  Midnight is spoiled but cuddly and loving!  Wouldn't give her up for nothing!!


Monday - laundry, writing, preparing reports for a meeting, crafting
Tuesday - grocery shopping and filling cars with gas (it's payday!)
Wednesday - shoe shopping, hair cut
Thursday - help prepare and clean up for a reception at our church
Friday - work on my Spring pages for the page swap
Saturday - Christian Women's Fellowship board and general meeting; crafting after to complete what I don't finish on the other days!
Sunday - Church, Lunch with friends - and the start of another week!

And a picture of Friendship Fountain on the south bank of the river downtown Jacksonville where I live.  I worked in the tall building that is now the "Modis" building for 10 years; it has changed names several times since I worked there, and is now actually something else (can't remember what!?).

And that is all for this week!  I'll mull over whether or not I'll post one every week or not...but knowing myself, I will be back next week for:

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