Monday, January 26, 2015

RJD Day 19 - Random Story Lines

Sharing Day 19 of Random Journal Day's "21 Days of Journaling in January".  Slowly catching up; but the fun with Dawn has actually ended.  We are moving into something new - 

but since I am still behind, I will continue to post until I am finished!

The prompt for Day 19 is "The Power of Words".  The ideas shared were good ones; but I decided to share some of the entries from my "Random Story Lines."

A few years ago I purchased a blank book - a journal; but a little different than others I've had.  This book was called "The Blue Day Notebook" by Bradley Trevor Greive (see more about the author here).

Inside the book are lined and some unlined pages.  At the bottoms of each page are whimsical little drawings, created by the author; and his cute little frog highlights the pages.

The day I purchased the book, I made my first entry - just as I would in any other new journal.

But there was something a little different about this journal; it just wasn't meant to be used as a journal to record my day to day events, and maybe a few special happenings...

No; this book was different and needed to be used in a different way...

Perhaps a place to put a different twist on the words I would share!  With a bit of artistic flair on the pages - 

So, I started what I called "Random Story Lines" where I used the words printed at the top of each page to write a story that continued throughout the book!

In between the pages of my story, I used colored pencils and markers to doodle and do my "squiggly" art; and an occasional actual journal entry!

For today's prompt - The Power of Words - I wanted to use the story lines from the first three of these story entries, using a total of 18 words...

It wasn't just the poetry that had her thinking of him - of home.  It must have been hard keeping their secret.  Now it was calling to her again...making her heart jump, her feet dancing with the thought of seeing him again.  Suddenly the soft fragrance of vanilla brought her thoughts back to reality.  Or was it? (written 4/29/04)

Once I returned home, there she was - my sister!  And she had found her old flame - or was he mine?  Those same thoughts came to mind again, that secret we shared; that love.  But, all I found was the cheese hidden behind the pumpkin - and the only living creature was the cat!  What did this all mean?  Was our secret out? (written 5/31/04)

She left on her journey and I didn't know when she would return.  Nothing on earth had saved us, and the secret still remained.  The silence was terrifying, but somewhat soothing, too.  A honey of a day, I'd say, with the ocean's sound in the distance, the pelican somewhere close, and all that green!  The fields of grass and weeds, the forest of trees...where had she gone?! (written 1/21/06)

These are the first three...

What do you think of my Random Story Lines?!  Want  to read more??  Let me know in the comments, and I will continue to share the story; and I may even ask for help in naming my story!!!


  1. Ooh Barbara, I'd like to know more about all of the stories - so tantalising, you tease!

    1. Don't you just LOVE a good tease?! Actually, the story continues...the same one! It just gets deeper and deeper and more mysterious - at least, I hope that is what it does!!! I have been wondering for some time if anyone would want to read I tested it with this prompt!!

      My comments are dwindling down to hardly any - and I am so upset with myself that I deleted some that were previously written (it makes me feel encouraged and more productive when I read back over the comments)...oh, well...I need to "let it go"!

      Thank you for commenting!!

  2. Barbara!!!! How did I miss this? I am so sorry, I do not even know how I did because I visit every single one of the RJD posts. Buut when I did not hear back from you about the schedule for RJD I wondered if I had wrong e-mail and all...(as I have different named Barbaras and some bloggers use multiple names?identities- it's hard to keep up! Anyhoo...I went to your blog page and found this...I am a bit confused that I missed BUT, love this cute journal...I hope you got the e-mail I sent about being a Featured JK!

    1. Good morning, Dawn! I don't know about missing this post; but it WAS done after the 21 days in January were over! I wasn't ever sure how this "Random Story Line" would go over - and the one other person that read it wanted more...there IS more; I just haven't posted it yet!!

      As for e-mails; I DO get e-mails from you and recall once you mentioned about being a featured JK...I don't recall getting any sort of schedule! I am not sure exactly what you would want for a feature; more info please and I would be DELIGHTED to share! I enjoy the RJD and the other prompted writing. I have slowed down a bit on the Fab-ruary posts and need to catch up; but being sick has taken the energy out of me...

      Thanks for reading and commenting...I always appreciate the comments; they encourage me to keep on writing!


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