Friday, March 27, 2015

Five Minute Friday - BREAK/BROKEN

It is almost Friday - and with that, another weekend; and another opportunity to link up with Kate for Five Minute Friday at to write for only five minutes on a single word prompt!

Tonight's word is:


How many times have you heard - "If you break it, you will have to buy it!"

Be careful when shopping in a china shop; you don't want to find this...

Fractured pieces;

Scattered in different directions...

Tossed and turned and laying in bits and pieces.

"If you break it, you will have to..."

Broken hearts;

Torn apart by others' words or actions.

Open to the hurts another has caused.

We all have had broken hearts at one time or another...

Maybe our hearts were broken unintentionally;

Maybe it was intended to be a good thing for one ...

But turned out to be a bad thing for another.

Someone always wins...

someone always loses!

"If you break it..."


No matter how broken our heart is;

No matter what caused our heart to break...

Tonight I am still pondering this "broken heart" idea;

I am still wondering how lives will go on as if nothing had happened.  I don't know what to say to those in the middle of a broken relationship -


I still love you.

You did wrong; you hurt my family -


You go on with your life as if...


You never loved him??  After all this time...

It just changes - in a flash?  In a minute?

A person "falls in love";

do they also "fall out of love"?

I'm not sure; but tonight I am pondering:

Break - break my heart!

Broken - a broken heart!


I am broken-hearted!

God, please mend this broken heart; and the hearts of those who are heart broken!


  1. Dear Barbara, all we can do is join you in this place... and wonder with you, how anyone can move forward with a broken heart. Sometimes the hardest thing is to watch our nearest and dearest suffer so, and we're helpless to fix it. We must trust that the LORD is nearer than we can ever be, and more powerful to heal. Praying for you and your family.

    1. Yes, trust the Lord IS nearer and knows what is going on and what their needs are!

      Thank you for your prayers; and for reading and commenting!

  2. Oh Barbara praying for you and your family! Sometimes we will never understand. May God grant peace and wholenness to your broken heart.

    1. It IS hard to understand why things happen; and I do not presume to question God - although, I DO ask WHY things happen!! I just pray too that He will hurt the broken heart(s) in this relationship...needed to write out some feelings; so this word helped!

      Thank you for your prayers; for reading and your comment!

  3. Prayers up. You hang in there, Barbara.

    1. Thank you Andrew! Appreciate your prayers and your comment!

  4. Oh Barbara...feeling for you. Sending you all my best wishes, friend. Helen xxxx

    1. Thank you, Helen! Appreciate your comment!

  5. Oh, Baraba--I'm so sorry that you and yours are experiencing heartbreak right now. I'm lifting you up in prayer. He is especially close to you during your brokenheartedness.

    1. I know He is close; to me and to my son! I appreciate your prayers; and your reading and commenting!


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