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Simple Woman's Daybook - March 30, 2015

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For Today:

March 30, 2015

Outside my Window:  

temp in 70's...
definitely a spring day
for Florida;
and a beautiful day at that!

I am Thinking:

This day is going by way too fast;
in fact,
this month - year -
is going by
way too fast!

I am Thankful:

For my church
and my church friends;
for friends made throughout Florida
because of connections
in our District and Region,
and our Disciples' Women's Ministry.
They "pop up" in many places
during my everyday life!

I am Wearing:

My typical "laundry day" attire:
black and white striped
very comfy night shirt;
bare feet
slipped into a pair of crocs.

I am Creating:

Created a great page Saturday
at our all-day Theme Crop,
a "Recipe Swap".
We each made our dish
and brought a recipe for each in attendance.
I now have some great new recipes to try!

I am Going:

To get busy writing more...
if I can get the ideas out of my head,
and onto paper or the computer!

I am Wondering:

If I should (or could)
attend a Disciples' Women's meeting
which is out of town;
and would require staying one or two night(s)...
I would love to attend?!
Finances always get in the way!

I am Reading:

"Still Alice"
by Lisa Genova...
this is the story of Alice
who is diagnosed with early onset
Alzheimer's Disease.
Just started reading a few days ago;
but see there may be a wealth of information
for what I believe is becoming
Alzheimer's Disease
for my husband
who was diagnosed with
Vascular Dementia
quite a number of years ago.

Reading this book,
and other related topics,
can be very helpful.

I am Hoping:

Things slow down a bit
after Easter!
But I have so many
adventures and events
coming up in the next few months!

I am Looking Forward to:

Easter Sunday!
He IS Risen!

I am Learning:

More about symptoms and treatments
of Alzheimer's Disease...
but not enough yet!

In my Kitchen:

A box of teabags
from Southern Breeze...
need to make some and enjoy!

Around the House:

Bits and pieces of my card-making stuff;
boxed and ready for a craft fair
(in May!)
and other miscellaneous

I am Pondering:

in the face of
disability and illness...

A Fave Quote for Today:

From the Board Room:

Watched this one the other day
on Facebook...
be sure you have tissues ready;
It is so sweet and touching!

The Latkovski Sisters

A Peek into one of my Days:

Going to my daughter's church
Friday evening
for a Good Friday service,
and unveiling my son-in-law's work...
created especially for
Good Friday
Easter Morning.

Good Friday


  1. Love reading these posts of yours! Love the quote....and am intrigued by your son-in-laws work that will be revealed!

  2. Thank you, Helen! His work IS intriguing! He is also working on a painting for a raffle at the fund-raising event I am attending in May. Still slow with the donations; but I have 2 donations of raffle items...

    Appreciate your reading and commenting; hoping to try another daybook type of post next Sun. in place of this one since I am doing this one only every other week...it keeps me writing! But, right now I am reading and trying to absorb info from the book "Still Alice".

  3. I am hoping things slow down a bit too. Great list. I also love church and celebrating the Resurrection!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Natalie! This IS a special season for the church and it is emotional yet beautiful, because we DO know how the story ends! And we know where OUR story will end, too!

      Catching up on reading...

  4. I want to read "Still Alice" and see the movie. Holy Week and Easter are crazy busy for me but Easter is still such a joy. These posts are so simple but so fun!

    1. The daybook posts are fun, Tara! But, since I am retired, my life sometimes becomes so...not routine; but, was nearly the same info every week. So, I switched to every other week! Seems to be better.

      I think I want to see Still Alice too; I've watched a few movies that focus on AD, but not sure now that it's so close that I want to see it?! But reading the book is helpful!

      thanks for reading and commenting; think I am headed to bed - can't believe it's almost midnight!!

  5. Such a lovely round up, and you really let us peek into your life with these posts :). Oooh, that sounds very interesting about your son's work, and hope we will hear more about it. I love your quote - so true.
    And I know we are both carers, and am touched by your willingness to learn and support. My grandfather had vascular dementia and I am wondering if the changes I see in my father might be due to that too.

    1. We had no idea my husband had had small (or silent) strokes; it was later when he was experiencing some memory loss that the doctor had some tests done...and the diagnosis of vascular dementia. I can go (and I fear is going) into Alzheimer's disease; therefore, the reading and learning.

      I enjoy doing these round ups for the Simple Woman's Daybook; want to try another one for the "off week" that I don't do this particular one...I may check out and try one that is called Daybook Online Journal with Jenny at The Littlest Way: www.thelittlestway.com/daybook-online-journal. We will see what comes out of the "pockets of time"!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Sounds like you have a lot going on. I hope you do well at your craft fair. Thanks for sharing your day.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! My thing with the craft fair - is I need to do MORE...the one I am participating in will be the week AFTER a fund-raising event I am attending; but I'll still be able to donate what I wanted to anyway!! Just need to get more stuff made up before then!

      And, yes, I seem to ALWAYS be busy...not sure how I did ANYTHING except work when I was employed full time! Glad to be retired...


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