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Simple Woman's Daybook - March 16, 2015

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For Today:

March 16, 2015

Outside my Window:  

a slight breeze
blowing through the trees;
birds singing their 
"Pretty pretty pretty" song;
a beautiful day!

I am Thinking:

Spring is finally here!

I am Thankful:

For wonderful friends that can
Laugh together
Cry together
Share resources!
Eat together...
a lot and not always nutritious...
like Dunkin' Donuts
for breakfast!

and a Grasshopper Blizzard
from Dairy Queen...
for lunch!

And, I am thankful for friends
who sleep together...
as in sharing a hotel room!
Ride together;
Shop together
Create together.

In the Kitchen:

A few dirty dishes;
some "left-over snacks
from the retreat this past weekend.

I am Wearing:

A yellow flowered night gown,
navy stretch pants,
warmer weather
calls for lighter gowns!

I am Creating:

Spent the weekend making cards;
made a cute "pillow box" for a gift;
created a two-page layout for a swap...
it was actually the second on I made;
could not find the first one!!
(Still looking for it!!)

I am Going:

No place today...
Catching up on things
after the weekend!

I am Wondering:

Where my two-page layout is!

I am reading:

Actually finished reading
"White Oleander"
by Janet Fitch;
haven't really started anything yet -

I am Hoping:

The beautiful weather remains all week;
it is Spring Break for my two (older) grandsons!

I am Looking Forward to:

Hanging out with my daughter(s)
and the grandchildren
this week and weekend.

I am Learning:

New techniques in my scrapbooking
and card making;
I will share some when completed!

Around the House:

All of my scrapbooking stuff;
unloaded from the car
and lining the living and dining room walls...
until I can bring it into my craft room!

I am Pondering:

"Children" and Choices...

A Favorite Quote for Today:

"Out of loss -
she found hope.
Out of despair -
she found courage.
Out of it all -
she found herself."

(part of a TV advertisement
for a Lifetime Movie;
unfortunately, I didn't note what movie!)

One of My Favorite Things:

Spending time with friends...
Friends are not things;
but special people to cherish!

A Few Plans For
the Rest of the Week:

Monday - Laundry and Relax
Tuesday - Grocery Shopping
Wednesday - Road Trip to Marineland
near St. Augustine, FL
Thursday - Birthday Shopping
Friday - Scrapbooking
(just can't get enough of it...
but have projects I didn't finish!)
Saturday - Celebrate Grandson's
4th Birthday at a Park
Sunday - Attend Church and
Lunch with Friends

And a Photo to Share:

Sunrise over St. Johns River,
Palatka, FL
from our Hotel

(I cannot take credit for this photo;
I was NOT awake Sunday morning at Sunrise!)


  1. Love your quote. Did you enjoy White Oleander? I read it years ago. I think I liked it but I can't remember LOL!!

    1. It took some time for me to get into it...the language; the way the young girl was brought up and her lust after older "father figure" men...but I get the story line and don't usually give up on a book - unless it's a very trashy one!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. What a bright and optimistic post! Hoping you have found your two pager :).

    1. Thank you Alexa! I feel "bright and optimistic" after being away from home for a few days; kind of puts the rest of my "worries" behind for a while and come home refreshed (or at least ready for whatever - until the next get-away time, which is possibly one overnight in April and another retreat 1st weekend of May!)...

      And, so far - lost layout is still lost! But I will come across it eventually...that will teach me to plan something in advance!! I usually make that particular layout (it's for a page swap) the Friday that begins the retreats!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Spring??? What is that??? Can you send some of it here? Just a tiny corner would be great! I'm glad you have such a great creative hobby you enjoy, I think that is such a blessing! I hope you have a wonderful week with your children and grandchildren!

    1. Ellie, out weather here is beautiful - until it hits the summertime! I do not love the HOT HOT HOT weather; but when it's pleasant and a bit breezy and...well, I love that time of year except for the pollen and allergens. Wish I could send you today; it's gorgeous!

      Looking forward to a wonderweek with the family! Hope your week is wonderful as well, whatever you may be doing.

      thanks for reading and commenting!


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